Vietnam e visa cost

What are the processing times and fees? Is the fee that the applicants must pay in cash at the landing visa counter at the arrival airport. Multiple Entry visas.

According to the regulations of the Immigration Department, the electronic visa fee is paid via the electronic payment gateway. With this kind of visa , you are required to submit an online application for a visa approval letter which functions as an official permission allowing you to board the flight and have visa stamped at the.

Vietnam visa stamping fee. This fee is not refunded if your application is refused or your visa letter contains any wrong details since you provide incorrect details in the application form. The e-Visa is valid for days, and single entry only. It requires three full working days to process.

This includes all of the necessary consular costs and service costs. No added costs are charge including on arrival. The prices showed are just an average, and it was made taking the US nationality as an example.

This price can vary according to your nationality. The stamping fee (USD for month single entry tourist visa): is paid on arrival when you are picking up visa stamp. It is USD for 1-months single entry or USD for 1-months multiple entry.

For months multiple entry visa, the stamping fee is USD or 1USD for year multiple entry visa. The fee for electronic visa is $25. Payment must be made in cash in USD or VND (Credit cards might not be accepted and there is no ATM machines within the custom area) and may change with advanced notice. If you apply for the e-visa with this application form, then you pay the total visa cost of £49. I wanted to know what is the cost of e – visa and how much time does it take to process?

To obtain a written approval letter, you must. For e-visa: You have to pay the fee USD (USD government fee and USD service fee) once when you start applying for e-visa. For investor present in USA – Form I-1fee $4(Form I-5– $3per dependent), days premium processing at $440.

Investor in Home-country – $2fee per DS-1form. That’s all what you will be needing to pay: The first time is for the application fee while applying for the approval letter. The second time is for the visa stamp fee on arrival.

Approval letter will be processed in two working days. It can be applied for online or at the point of entry.

We use official government forms, simplifying the process so applications can be completed in minutes ! Non-Government website or affiliated with embassy. The government can reduce the employee workloads at the embassy or consulate. Meanwhile, travelers can have the flexibility for their travel plan due to the fast-processing time of e – visa compared with the five-day to one-week process of.

Please note that there are kinds of fees involving to get visa on arrival as below: – Visa stamping fee (government official fee) is paid on arrival while picking up your visa on arrival at the airport. The service fee charged for arranging visa approval letter range from $upwards, depending on the type of visa and the agent in question. The e – Visa takes three working days to process, costs US and is a single-entry visa , valid for days.

E – visa holders must. Our standard option will see that you have a valid visa in your possession in 5-business days. It takes business day to get your e – visa approved. This fee varies from company to company, so please look for the cheapest and most reliable one. It took about minutes, cost $2 and was approved within a couple of days, so that’s a great improvement over the old system.

Please be advised that the fee you paid online is for the approval letter service fee only to obtain you the letter of approval to pick up the visa when you arrive. Fill in the application form with the correct details of your full name, date of birth, passport number and arrival date.