Vietnam heroes

Army Special Forces Detachment defending Camp Nam Dong against a Viet Cong attack. President Johnson poses with four U. Medal of Honor for heroism in Vietnam. Left to right: Navy Lt.

Jackson, and Army Staff Sgt.

Drew Dix holds a unique place in military history. Dix first enlisted in the U. Army hoping to join Special Forces but had spent three years in the 82ndAirborne Division before being accepted. See full list on wearethemighty. Colonel George Everett Bud Day. Air Force photo) Col.

He ejected but was badly injured in the process. Not long after reaching the groun he was captured and taken to a small POW camp.

Despite his injuries, and incurring more, Day traveled south towards the DMZ. He survived on berries and raw frogs. He made it very close to American lines but was unable to signal several American planes overhead.

Suffering from delirium, he began wondering aimlessly until he was recaptured by the Viet Cong who shot him in the hand and leg in the process. Once in captivity, Day offered nothing but maximum resistance to the enemy and kept the faith with his fellow. Marine Corps photo) Col.

The previous day he had already received painful wounds but had refused to be evacuated. When his men became pinned down, Vargas personally led the relief effort and then led the attack into the village. Wounded for a second time, Vargas again refused to be evacuated and continued the fight to ensure that the objective was secure.

When a massive enemy counterattack thr. Norris and Petty Officer 3rd Class Nguyen Van Kiet. However, efforts by air ledto the loss of additional aircraft and more airmen killed. Finally, an attempt by ground was ordered. The man in charge of the mission was U. He initially led a five-man team into hostile territory and was able to recover another downed flyer, Lt.

Mark Clark – son of WWII General Mark Clark, who had been shot down searching for Hambleton. Norris then led another mission but was unsuccessful in locating Hambleton.

With time running out Norris devised a daring mission. Norris, accompanied only by a South Vietnamese Commando, Ngu. Vietnam (ベトナム Betonamu ) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Vietnam has long, somewhat choppy dark brown hair that she wears in a low ponytail tied with a red scrap of fabric. David Ragin was my brother-in-law and my hero. Who are some famous Vietnam War veterans?

What famous people served in Vietnam? Which generation fought in Vietnam? See more ideas about Vietnam , Vietnam war, Vietnam veterans. A Vietnam War Hero : Charles S. Famous American Vietnam Vet: Bob Kerrey.

Of the nearly million Americans who served on active duty in the U. Visit the Vietnam War Resources website for more information about Vietnam. Photos retrieved from Virtual Vietnam Veterans Wall of Faces. Harrington at Arlington National Cemetery. He is regarded as a war hero from the 13th century Trần Dynasty. According to legen he successfully defeated invaders from.

This is a series of short documentaries all thrown to. Doi moi (economic reform) was experimented with in Cambodia and introduced to Vietnam. As the USSR scaled back its commitments to the communist worl the far-flung outposts were the first to feel the pinch.