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Another word for premises. Find more ways to say premises , along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. Synonyms for premises.

Premise: something taken as being true or factual and used as a starting point for a course of action or reasoning. What Does Edifice Mean? Antonyms for premises.

The business has moved to new premises. Plural for the foundation or principle to which an activity, process or structure is carried out or built on. Plural for an area of enclosed land surrounding a large house or other building. In The Premises synonyms. Top synonyms for premises (other words for premises ) are property, building and place.

The premises of a business or an institution are all the buildings and land that it occupies in one place. N There is a kitchen on the premises. Words nearby premise.

English dictionary definition of premises.

The plural of premise is premises. This causes confusion because the word premises also means land or property. The conclusions in the report were based on a false premise.

We started from the premise that the situation can get no worse. Thoughts, ideas and beliefs. The exact premises may be important in determining if an outbuilding (she cabana, detached garage) is insured or whether a person accused of burglary has actually entered a structure. British) analogical dictionary. When you called 9on the guy in your back yar it was on the premise that he was a thief and not the meter-reader.

Forum discussions with the word(s) premises in the title:. A premise is what forms the basis of a theory or a plot. He premisedthese remarks so that his readers might understand. The word premise is derived from the Latin word premissa which means the proposition set forth. In logic, an argument requires a set of (at least) two declarative sentences (or propositions) known as the premises (or premisses), along with another declarative sentence (or proposition), known as the conclusion.

This structure of two premises and one conclusion forms the basic argumentative structure. There is some debate as to the grammatical correctness of the term on-premise as a synonym for on- premises. General words for buildings and structures. These are all words for a structure such as a house, office block or factory that has a roof and four walls. In other words: a premise is an assumption that something is true.

Can the word premise ever refer to a location or building?

I think that this is a misuse of the word and that the word premises should be used instead. See authoritative translations of Premises in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. A noun is a word referring to a. For example, The premise of his argument was that the earth is round. Tunefulness and Premises are synonyms (words with similar meaning).

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