Premise synonym words

Synonyms for premise. Top synonyms for premise (other words for premise ) are assumption, hypothesis and proposition. Antonyms for premise. Find more similar words at wordhippo. Another word for premises.

The business has moved to new premises. What are synonyms for premises? View the pronunciation for premise. On- premise synonyms.

You can use the concept of the premise in countless areas, so long as each premise is true and relevant to the topic. The key to laying out a premise or premises (in essence, constructing an argument) is to remember that premises are assertions that, when joined together, will lead the reader or listener to a given conclusion, says the San Jose State University. The conclusions in the report were based on a false premise. We started from the premise that the situation can get no worse.

Premise synonym words

Thoughts, ideas and beliefs. A proposition upon which. An assumption, proposition, or presupposition that serves as the basis for an argument. The word is often confused with premises. He premisedthese remarks so that his readers might understand.

English dictionary definition of premise. For example, the word because is a premise indicator in the following sentence: Prison is an effective form of punishment because it incapacitates criminals. Other common terms and phrases used as premise indicators include: for, since, as, as indicated by, given that, owing to, in as much as, for the reason that and may be deduced from. For nonfiction writers, your premise is a two- to three-sentence summary of the main argument or narrative of the book. Here’s what Michael Hyatt says in his guide Writing a Winning Non-Fiction Book Proposal: The premise is a two- or three-sentence statement of the book’s basic concept or thesis.

Premise synonym words

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The landlord renovated the premises before the new tenants moved in. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises of the hospital. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word premise will help you to finish your crossword today. The exact premises may be important in determining if an outbuilding (she cabana, detached garage) is insured or whether a person accused of burglary has actually entered a structure. To be able to identify which word is a conclusion indicator or premise indicator Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

Premise synonym words

Enter your words : Type Enter after each word (do not list them as a sentence or use a comma). By combining the power of a global network of on-the-ground contributors with industry leading data science and machine learning Premise has been able to deploy tasks to gain insight into real-world issues. Banks and business premises were damaged by yesterday ’s bomb.

While on the premises, all visitors must carry some form of identification. General words for buildings and structures. The premise on which they worked was that there would always be enough natural resources to support them. It is an assumption that something is true. Example Sentence: I was very wrong because of my thoughts about you.

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