Moving to new zealand from uk

Should I move to New Zealand? How many people moved from New Zealand to Australia? Can New Zealand citizens live in Australia? What to know before traveling to New Zealand? If you want to move to New Zealan or to come here to work for a while, there are different visa options to suit your plans.

Work visas let you live and work here for a set period and some can lead to residence. But for many people, the distance is more than worth it. See full list on britishexpatguide.

Brits can stay in New Zealand for months without a visa. For people that want to move to New Zealand for the long-term, a Resident Visa will likely be in your sights. This allows you to live and work in the country indefinitely, as well as access most publicly funded services. In order to get this visa, you will need to categorised as a ‘skilled migrant’ under a points based system, which measures work experience, qualifications, and a job offer of skilled employment. Like many island nations, life in New Zealand is relaxed and laid-back, with a strong emphasis on sports and the outdoors.

Moving to new zealand from uk

You must also be under 5. Work environment are generally relaxed with a lack of rigid hierarchical structures while long commutes in bad traffic will be a thing of the past. Where in the UK you may spend your evenings in front of the TV and your weekends shopping. Depending on your lifestyle, cost of living can vary widely in New Zealand although is generally cheaper outside of Wellington and Auckland. Average monthly rent for a furnishe 9square foot property in Auckland is around NZ$1(£140) rising.

Auckland is probably the most popular area for people moving to New Zealan despite not being the capital (it’s still the largest and most populous city though!). It’s found on the North Island and spread over two harbours with coasts on the Pacific Ocean and Tasmanian Sea. Auckland is the perfect spot for people after the efficiency and vitality of a city, with gorgeous nature and scenery to escape to right on your doorstep. Home to native Kiwis, expats and Polynesian Islanders, Auckland is a. There are a lot of British expats living in New Zealan particularly in Auckland and Wellington, and combined with the friendly local Kiwis, you should have no problem settling here and making friends. If you want a headstart in understanding New Zealand and the communities that live there, check out these helpful resources and blogs for people living there: 1. New Kiwis (great for job seekers) 3. A UK Expat’s Guide to New Zealand 5. Living in New Zealand 6. Although like much of the first worl New Zealand’s economy has slowed a little over the past few years, it has proved resilient and actually fared better than economies in the UK and Europe.

As such, there is a healthy jobs market in the country which is generally welcoming to foreigners and reasonably low on red tape. If you’re qualified or accredited in a skilled profession, particularly those on the skills shortage list, you should have no problem finding a position from inside or outside. The moving to New Zealand checklist How to work in New Zealand.

Firstly you will need to become a New Zealand resident. The various pathways available towards residency and citizenship will depend on when you move to New Zealand. Read through this section to find out everything you need to know on becoming a Kiwi (this section is coming soon). Around a fifth of the people living and working in the country were born overseas.

New Zealand hosts large communities from the UK, North America, South Africa, the South Pacific, India and China. Moving to New Zealand with family is especially popular with expats who want a fresh start and a better work-life balance. See our travel advice for New Zealand for up-to-date information on local laws and customs, safety and emergencies. See moving or retiring abroad.

Get a personalised task list to. Short of Australia legislating against New Zealanders, or New Zealand introducing North Korean style legislation, New Zealanders will continue moving to Australia, where the mining boom has steadily pushed Australian wages to among the highest in the world. The number one reason we’ve seen for non-Kiwis leaving New Zealand is. If you are planning on moving to New Zealand or staying in New Zealand for more than months, then you must apply for a visa before you leave the UK. There are several types of visa available depending on personal circumstances.

Moving to new zealand from uk

Jenny of MoveToNewZealand. The quantity of people today moving to New Zealand struck a brand new all-time high in the year to September 3 confounding goals that migration can have actually peaked. On Friday Statistics Nz stated that net migration was a net gain of 70throughout the year to September 3 surpassing the previous report in August. New Zealand from the UK recommends that you prepare your CV, references and qualification certificates before arriving in New Zealand.

If you wish to retire to New Zealan but don’t have an adult child in the country, have already passed the age limit of the Skilled Migrant Category (years) or you’re just not up for working when you move to New Zealand – there are a couple of options available to you, but you will need a considerable amount of money in the bank. The path you go down will determine which kind of visa you. So, one April morning, when the house was sol the cats on their way around the world by plane, and our things in shipp. When moving to New Zealan prepare to deal with itchy mosquito and sandfly bites. The first summer is always the worst.

Moving to new zealand from uk

Expats should make sure to use insect repellent when enjoying the warm evenings. It’s a good idea to take insect repellent to the beach as well.