Iran immigration stamp

What is visa policy for Iran? Does Iran no longer affix visas to passports? Are citizens of Israel banned from entering Iran? Can I get a visa on arrival in Iran?

The gallery of passport stamps by country or territory contains an alphabetical list of sovereign states or dependent territories with images of their passport stamps including visas.

Piloted in Tehran, Shiraz and Mashhad’s International airports, the decision has been made to encourage travelers to come to Iran. Here you can find information about Iran Visa stamp fee with detail. Also, you may read other information about Iran Visa in other pages. So if you travel to Iran , you can simply then enter US as well, because there is no Iranian stamp in your passport. They can deny you for pretty much any reason even if you have a visa.

Israeli passport holders, and anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport (or exit stamps at the relevant Jordanian or Egyptian border crossings into Israel), will not get a visa. Visa Extensions First the good news: there is usually little difficulty in extending a 30-day tourist visa to days. Iran on permanent resident visas must obtain an exit permit each time they depart Iran , regardless of the period of stay.

Although an exit stamp is no longer inserted into the passport , the exit tax must still be paid. If you already have an Iran stamp in your foreign passport you will likely need to apply for an appointment at the US embassy if you want to travel onwards to that country. TEHRAN – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has issued an order for the waiver of physical stamping on travelers’ passports upon entering or leaving the country. On Sunday, Rouhani ordered Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli to arrange to waive visa -stamping and not to mark passports of foreign nationals visiting the country, IRNA reported.

If you’re planning on staying longer than days, make sure to get your Iran visa at the Embassy instead. IMPORTANT: Visa on arrival doesn’t mean that it’s a visa -free country. In order to get this visa you still need to have the necessary documents.

Iranian visa isn’t just a quick stamp in your passport, like in for instance Japan. Currently, the visa to Iran will be stamped in your passport and it may cause restrictions for entering American and you may need to Obtain visa to America as well , but it is announced from Iran foreign affair officials that they will revise the visa method and it will not be stamped in passports till next months. I applied through the official site I told you,with a link from aciab. Iran government sites,like foreign affairs etc. Pay attention to the technical requirements for uploading yourpicture and passport copies.

Once there I had to wait for sometime because of computer system malfunction,but after all I entered Iran (electronic visa ,no stamp ). Iran visa is a separate paper if you will collect it on arrival at airport. This means I would only have entry stamp of Jordan. It seems not much of a problem for entering Iran , correct?

I have also obtained an Iran visa already at a local Iran embassy.

The absence of Iran ’s stamp on the passport of tourists, especially foreign tourists, is a new policy that Iran has taken to increase its incoming tourists. Answer: Due to the rules dominating over Iran , not only Israeli nationals are not allowed to enter Iran but also the travelers to Israel are not authorized to get a visa to Iran while they have Israeli visa stamp in passport. Israel is the only county included in this rule and other countries even America and the neighboring countries to Israel. Travel to Iran is permitted if your trip to Israel happened more than months ago. Secondly, Saudi Arabia has recently started opening up to tourism.

Marianne from our office has visited Iran a number of times with Wild Frontiers, and this year wanted to visit the US, so she had to go through the whole process. Iranian visas used to be easy: you would get an authorisation code from a tour operator, go to the embassy, and get a visa. These days, things are a bit more complicated.

Israel as they where more bothered about my Eygption visa ’s ! The consulate may charge a surcharge for urgent issue of visas. Assuming you haven’t been back to Iran or any other country on the naughty list , you’ll be able to apply for an ESTA again to enter the US for. He asked me a lot of pointed questions, and was slightly aggressive, then sent me to wait for secondary processing. Dual citizens of both Iran and another country count as citizens of Iran when visiting, and must have an Iranian passport. If you have a stamp from Israel you might want to apply for a brand new clean passport to avoid any problems.

They can refuse to offer you a visa for Iran if your passport has a stamp from Israel. There is currently a six-day wait for an.