Moomba birdman rally

A fundraising battle unlike any other, competitors are busily raising money in the lead up to their leap. The amount they raise will add extra points to their final score. Aided by a nifty flying machine or simply super-hero bravado, courageous competitors don inventive homemade flying devices as they take the brave jump – all in the name.

Featuring a jam-packed free program of events for both the big and little kids on the banks of the Yarra. To find out more visit moomba. I’ve always wanted to jump in that beautiful crystal clear water.

Michael Paul has competed in the rally. Up to six Pilatus PC-aircraft from RAAF Base East Sale will conduct a minute low level display over the event, showcasing the high performance and manoeuvrability of the Roulettes and high level of skill achieved by Air Force pilots. The nightly fireworks are a major drawcard of the event, as well as the well-loved Birdman Rally. VCG Photo Clinging onto an assortment of homemade aircraft with cardboard wings and balloons, sixteen competitors have donned their most extravagant flying gear to compete.

They also raise money for charity. There are the Hawks and the Penguins, check them out here and perhaps donate to their efforts. Picture: Fiona Hamilton.

This year’s dazzling display of floats and costumes will feature. Every child in the world deserves SAFE WATER.

SkyHydrant Water Filtration systems to Third World schools in the Asia-Pacific region. The SkyHydrant is a proven. Be sure to make your way down to the banks of the Yarra River this Labour Day weekend. So let’s jump in and take a look at some of the highlights of the festival!

Daring participants don costumes and contraptions to help them soar across the Yarra. Will they fly or flop? No matter, it’s all in the name of charity and a ridiculously funny Sunday spectacle.

All of it done in the name of charity. Scheduled for hours, it was only odd people that jumped. The compare(s) jokes missed the punchlines and all. Melburnians will show off their inventive homemade flying devices in an attempt to soar the furthest over the Yarra River for a charity of their choice. Saturday March from 11am.

Get something to eat! Birdman Rally action kicks off on Sunday March with an Airforce Roulette’s flyover at 11am. Number of donations $57. Average donation $359. One of the highlights of the Moomba Festival is the Birdman Rally.

To see a similar event that is still operating, you could head to the Moomba Festival in Melbourne, held in March each year, or to the UK or Japan.

There is food to satisfy every palate at Moomba. It will host different food stalls across the weeken offering a range of cuisines from across the world. It is really important for our students to have a range of experiences and to understand that there is more to life than the little bubble that can be created at school,” Mr Wynstra said.

Like Really, what better cause is there other than to make sick kids smile! But the story about myself and Mel goes back a long way. You see I’m a quadriplegic, and a bucket-lister, and as my arms don’t work Mel helped me cook every recipe in. Watch the world’s best water skiers and wakeboarders across countries compete in this well-loved international event.

For the first time ever, BAWCS is being represented!