How to become a beauty blogger and get free stuff

First you have to choose which blog site you want. I find blogger easy to use so I chose that. There are tons of free templates out. A lot of beauty gurus get sent free products.

First of all, there are a toooooonnnnnnnn on girls (and even a few guys!) who do makeup tutorials on. Some have like 1subscribers.

JuicyStarhave like. How to become a beauty blogger and get paid? Can I become a successful beauty blogger overnight? How do bloggers get free stuff? Becoming a beauty blogger is a great way to get your foot in the door with your favorite beauty brands through sponsored posts and product review opportunities.

The first step to creating a beauty blog is coming up with an idea that is unique to you,” says Gemma. Think about what you like most about yourself in terms of beauty (but not in a vain way!). Initially, it is advised to have general topics in order to attract a larger audience.

To get samples as a vlogger and blogger , you can send a PR mail with details of your blog or vlog.

Include links to your blog, vlog, social media channels and analytics. This process is actually straightforward and free and just requires you to take the effort to contact companies and brands. Connect with websites, like Brandbacker and BlogonBrands, that connect bloggers and brands for review purposes. Bloggers like Musings of a Muse, Makeup and Beauty Blog , and Temptalia have stayed true to themselves and still get a ton of free PR. The process takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard.

Get the Resources and Tools to Become a Beauty Blogger. Sometimes, I just want to tell someone not to get into beauty blogging and find another niche that you’re equally passionate about. It’s a tough nut to crack now.

Become an Influencer and get free stuff or paid with the best websites for Influencers! ANOTHER GREAT WAY TO SCORE FREE BEAUTY ITEMS HERE ! BEST WAYS TO GET FREE PRODUCTS FOR REVIEW AS A BLOGGER ! This will help get your foot in the door. Later, that user then posts a photo on their own volition, and mentions or nods to the skin-care start-up’s product in some way that feels authentic — because Hey, thanks, free stuff.

As I researched for this article, I was absolutely astonished at how many ways there are to get free stuff online. The freebies include all sorts of different items like free gift cards, beauty products, free gas cards, household cleaners and more. Before you create your own vlog, take a look at some existing content to get a feel for the format. Yes, there are free stock photos on beauty , but because they are free , you can expect that a lot of blogger wannabes use them.

Also, limited resources cannot adequately portray what you want to express on a beauty blog.

If you want to establish your credibility as a beauty blogger , you need to show your face to the world. Create a brief, clear pitch highlighting exactly what makes your blog amazing, and BELIEVE it. Start your beauty blog on WordPress. If you’re just starting out as a vlogger or blogger, establish yourself by doing reviews of items you already buy from day to day. Make friends with other bloggers.

The support of others is a crucial step in trying to get a fan base down. Let’s start with the first point on this, how i became a beauty blogger , if you want to skip this bit just keep scrolling! The most important piece of advice I can give you is to simply get started.

If you’re genuinely wondering how to become a beauty blogger on Instagram you just need to create your account and get your first post out there. Once you start building momentum, the only thing that can stop you is you. Like being a fashion blogger , a lifestyle blogger , or any other specialized writer, becoming a beauty blogger requires a number of key elements to become successful. Beauty blogging theme involves more than just making posts about hair, makeup, and skincare products or techniques.

They have to be vocal about their support for both the magazine and the products teste though. Also, with this list, you can decide to consistently follow two or three of these beauty Vloggers and get all the trendy information you need.