Franchise examples

What are some examples of franchise businesses? How do you start a franchise business? Franchise Direct has compiled this list after examining franchise brands from around the world.

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Under a franchise, the two parties generally enter into a Franchise Agreement. This agreement allows the franchise to use the franchisor’s brand name and sell its products or services. In return, the franchisee pays a fee to the franchisor. It may even use franchising rights by selling these products under its own business venture. Consequently, if just one person gets these rights, he becomes the exclusive seller of the franchisor’s products in a specific market or geographical limit.

It even provides training and assistance in some cases. Firstly, under a franchising agreement, the franchisor grants permission to the franchise to use its intellectual properties like patents and trademarks. Secondly, the franchise in return pays a fee (i.e. royalty) to the franchisor and may even have to share a part of his profits.

On the contrary, the franchisor provides its goods, services, and assistance to the franchise. Finally, both parties in a franchise sign a franchising agreement. This agreement is basically a contract that states terms and conditions applicable with respectto the franchise.

Firstly, franchising is a great way to expand a business without incurring additional costs on expansion. This is because all expenses of selling are borne by the franchise. This further also helps in building a brand name, increasing goodwill and reaching more customers.

Some business types are more appropriate for franchising than others. A manufacturer-to-wholesaler arrangement – common with soft drinks companies. This kind of franchise is common when the franchisee is in another country.

Do not be too overwhelmed with the thought of creating a successful business plan and instead focus on what you can do and what you can ask from your franchisor. Moreover, the examples of franchise business plandisplayed below can surely help you in your start-up. By the book, a franchise is a method of parceling out goods or service. It is a type of business where the franchisee agrees to pay certain fees as well as follow certain business franchise rules in order to acquire the right to sell the goods or services of the franchisor, the company who established the company. You may also see company plan examples.

As we all know, many people love franchising business because the franchisor does not need to do hands-on on the operations because it has a lot of franchisees who can do the actual selling. Although they can operate a business on their own, they do not bear the hassle of opening branches to the different parts of the world. In fact, it is the franchisee’s task to disseminate the business in different areas.

They only need to pay the fees, get some professional training, and adhere to the rules and immediately operate.

If you are still new to franchise , you need to know and understand the basics in franchising for you to easily perform franchising operations. If you have already started in your franchise , one of the first things that you must have is a business plan. Although you might think that the resources and basic provided by the franchisor is enough, well, it is really not. You must have your own business plan that will detail your plans as well as the detailed steps in achieving those plans. If you are contemplating on venturing into franchise business, it is better that you start immediately and enjoy the benefits from your franchise.

So what are you waiting for? Make the wise decision now, and use the examples of franchise business plan provided above to help you in your start-up. If you got to start some time, why not now?

The earlier, the better. It also requires a minimum net worth of $80and minimum liquid assets of $3000. In a product or trademark franchise , you sell merchandise using the. Running an Established Business Model. Restaurants, hotels and oil change establishments are examples of business.

Manufacturing Branded Goods. Sometimes franchisor licenses not only distribution, but also part of the manufacturing process, like in the cases of soft drink manufacturers Coca-Cola and Pepsi. For example, one has to make a reseller agreement in the event that one entity is allowing another entity to resell whatever products have been provided. Fast food restaurants are good examples of this type of franchise. They are recognizable because their signs and colors are the same.

A franchise is a business that you see in different cities. It’s is a type of business that is the same everywhere you go. Browse Our List of Franchise Companies by Industry Our directory contains an extensive list of franchise companies to help you find a business perfect for you. In our Information Center, read expert tips on buying a franchise , and research timely news and articles. Use these resume examples as a guide in writing and formatting your own resume, then choose from our design options, and create your franchise owner resume with confidence.

Every franchise is governed by these terms, which are generally outlined in a written agreement between both parties. McDonald’s is a franchise. They just opened a new fast-food franchise down the street.