Hong kong to shenzhen visa on arrival

Best price guarantee. The 5-day period starts from 12am the day following entry and cannot be extended or varied in any way. It’s perfect for anyone looking to avoid the tedious task of researching and preparing the documents for any of the longer-stay visas. I can bring my old passport, but it includes visa to Cameroon (months), Turkey (months) and some other ‘sensitive’ countries (Morocco, Uganda, Kenya) for short(er) visits.

What you’ll need: Passport, immigration form, and money to pay the visa.

Shenzhen Visas are only valid for a single entry. When coming to Mainland China, there’s a chance you need to get a visa for your passport to enter. Get a full China visa in Thailand 2. Answer of 6: Hello! I am coming in from HK.

I agree with the post above about getting a visa in advance. The cost will be about the same, and it will make you life much easier.

The time to process it and the passports they accept changes often. Chinese visas are expensive for UK citizens, so if you think you can use the day visa on arrival for all your needs then go for it. Stay the night in HK and then cross.

Note that these two border crossings can often add significant time to the journey. HONG KONG VISA ON ARRIVAL. Please check the below video tutorial for more details. Update to the current situation – you can get the visa on arrival.

It takes five minutes, the staff of the visa office speaks English, and it should cost you 150HK$ (or, oddly, 160RMB). The final consent to enter the countries concerned is, nonetheless, up to the relevant immigration authorities. HKSAR Passport holders. Philippine passport holders can apply visa on arrival , just bring your passport with expired Chinese visa sticker on it. I hold a Portuguese passport with more than year.

Is it possible to take the CKS Ferry from SkyPier to the Shekou Ferry Terminal Port and obtain a 5-day Visa on Arrival ? Visa On Arrival di Lowu, saya, seorang laki-laki dibolehkan, sedangkan istri dan dua putri, perempuan, tidak boleh. I thought it was available to Malaysian passport holders. We intend to stay for a day or two.

However, there is no clarity on whether we need to apply for Chinese visa or we can get Visa on Arrival. Receive the approval letter by Email in working days. If you have a China stamp in an old passport – bring it! There are around 1nationalities who can enter without a visa for limited periods of time for tourism and other specific purposes. In order to increase the numbers of tourists visiting the country, some ports of entry of China allow nationals of certain countries to visit specified regions within 72.

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan does not count. What does the visa cost and how long does it take? RMB1for Australian passport.

If you remembere photos are requireand check to ensure all traveling members passport validity within specified threshold period-6months. Transit stations meet each other on the opposite side of a bridge following customs. Submit an application to the Chinese Embassy near you. Let’s say your visa is valid for years and expires on September 1st which permits you to enter China and stay days.

Upon landing at the Arrival Hall of the airport, you will see your driver awaiting with a sign of your name. You will then be taken to your vehicle that is conveniently parked inside the terminal. First figure is the price in HK$, second figure is the price in RMB.

Taken from a poster outside the visa office.