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A young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man from Chicago discover they are magically and intermittently swapping bodies. When a disaster threatens to upend their lives, they must journey to meet and save their worlds. See full list on makotoshinkai. The film will be produced by franchise.

CinePresto 30views. The story of the remake revolves around a Native American girl living in a rural area and a boy situated in Chicago.

Everything changed as the two discovered that they swapped bodies due to a magical connection. So, naturally, it’s getting a live-action English-language remake. Producers: Bad Robot Productions. Your Name Live Action. A segment of the internet collectively.

Today they announced Marc Webb is directing it. Word of mouth would also see the film become the highest grossing anime of all time, with a worldwide haul of $3million. Marc Webb ( The Amazing Spider-Man) is set to direct from a script by Eric Heisserer ( Arrival ). Abrams-produced live-action adaptation of Makoto Shinkai’s smash-hit “your name.

However, this just happens to be the timeline we’re living in, and what a weird one it is. The adaptation will be directed by 5Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man director — Marc Webb. Its release date has not yet been announced. Abrams will be leading the charge this time.

Paramount Pictures and J. Both companies made the announcement on Wednesday. The two will partner with Toho Co. Hollywood feature produced by J. Though unlike the original, the live-action version will be set in America, and it will feature a boy from Chicago and a Native American girl.

I am looking forward to the live-action film with excited anticipation. It as a great and engaging story and gorgeous animation. Japanese team and put together in a domestic medium. So it isn’t a surprise that eventually, a live-action remake would come calling.

They become desperate to cross space and time to find a way to meet and stop an impending disaster. Taki was always fond of fondling his “breasts” whenever he would wake up as Mitsuha. This occurrence happens randomly, and they must adjust their lives around each other. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, and he in hers. Yet, somehow, it works.

I would buy any movie that had real penguins speaking any human language.

Hopefully this one is better received than Netflix’s Death Note and the recent live-action Ghost in the Shell. Ltd announced last night that J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, will produce the new film. North America on Apr. The big steam engine of movies based on popular animated titles is showing no signs of slowing down. Deadline just announced that Marc Webb, the director fo two Amazing Spider-Man Movies and the.

After all, the gorgeous film not only became the highest-grossing anime of all time. As Sailor Venus and a veteran Soldier,.