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WorkSafe Victoria is committed to safe and inclusive work places, policies and services for people of LGBTIQ communities and their families. There has never been any such thing as a work licence or day time licence in Victoria. If you hold a valid high risk work licence from another Australian state or territory, you can apply to transfer your interstate high risk work licence to a Victorian high risk work licence.

You can only submit an application to transfer an interstate licence if you reside in Victoria. Can I transfer my Interstate high risk work licence to Victoria?

Can I apply for work safety work licence? Is there such thing as conditional drivers license in Victoria? Can you get one in Victoria? A works approval allows you to conduct works or make changes to your scheduled premises.

An EPA licence allows a business to run certain activities at a licensed premises. For example, waste treatment and disposal. Any exemption granted may result in us imposing conditions on your driver licence for a specified time.

Bring these documents together with 1points of evidence of identity, present passport type photo, and AU$payment to Australia Post for processing of WorkSafe photographic licence.

The licence will be issued to you weeks after application. Never has a drive to work licence existed in Victoria. High-risk work licences Safe Work Australia does not issue HRW licences.

To obtain one you need to complete the right qualification and be assessed as competent to do the high risk work safely. You must then apply to the WHS regulator in your state or territory for a licence. A licence holder can apply to EPA to have any condition(s) of its licence amended by filling in the Approvals proposal pathway form (Word 508KB) and submitting it with supporting information to EPA.

EPA will process an application for licence amendment within days of receiving a complete application. EPA licences are publicly available documents. EPA Victoria acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present.

In the extractive or quarry industry, a licence is known as a work authority. You need a work authority before starting works at a quarry. An extractive work authority gives quarry operators the right to extract stone (e.g. san gravel and hard rock) from land with the landholders consent.

Certain types of work can be hazardous and require specific skills, capabilities and licences. To ensure the safety of all Victorians, there are minimum standards that all licence applicants are required to meet before they are eligible to perform work within the private security. These requirements are outlined in the relevant form.

To lawfully carry out plumbing work in one of more of these classes in Victoria , you must be one of the. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) regulates plumbers, plumbing work and plumbing standards.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is responsible for licensing and registering all electricians and electrical tradespersons, which is a requirement to undertake electrical work in Victoria. As such, ESV provides various services and support to electricity professionals and those seeking to be licensed and develop their skills. Categories of motor vehicles for the purpose of licensing in Victoria. Motorcycle licence and learner permit.

How to get your motorcycle (including motor scooters) learner permit and licence. Heavy vehicle licence. A heavy vehicle licence is required to drive any vehicle that exceeds 4. In Victoria , you need a licence for minerals exploration and mining. An exploration licence gives the licence holder exclusive rights to explore for specific minerals within the specified licence area. Licence types Exploration licence.

No mining activities can be undertaken on an exploration licence.