Who won the vietnam war

Those who argue that the United States won the war point to the fact that the U. EDIT: Gee Jans, I have no idea why the VC. As the war stretched on, some soldiers came to. Until Ronald Reagan became.

So if the US had won , the Cold War would probably have ended a little sooner and the dawn of that unilateral superpower controlling things would have come quicker. The war ended when U.

More than 50US soldiers either lost their lives or went missing. Vietnam’s major battles. US support to the war became a burden on the country’s economy and military resources.

This comes to less than 300losses. In terms of body count, the U. Not that several million children being systematically lied to about evolution, slavery, psychology and additional history will ever be told as much while attending the indoctrination centers we call public schools, voluntarily put on buses by their own parents. Neoliberalism prevails.

Professor of History. Sometimes the answer to the question who won or lost reminds me of those who, having lost a football game, retort, We.

Both wars occurred in the 60s. Futhermore, the global and strategic context at the time gave the U. After that a piece-by-piece treaty was made but since democracy kicked in the treaty was violated by Congress and the supplys and support stopped. Mark Moyar, the scholar of U. Moyar argues that the historical consensus on the war is wrong on several points, and that in fact the United States could have won the war and preserved the Saigon government at acceptable cost. Enough American households had televisions to affect American sentiment, particularly in regards to the violence occurring during the war.

Many people answer the question with a quick yes! Sadly, such a glib response represents a misunderstanding of the conflict. Those who answer yes often think more bombs could have solved the problem.

Others believe a nuclear bomb might have ended the war. He knew that ending this war honorably was essential to his success in the presidency. They used systems of underground tunnels and death traps to capture American soldiers. THE VIETNAM WAR A DISCUSSION ! It began, for me, with news of the planned re-opening ! It was actually a war between the communist. Bombed Hanoi, Haiphong and other major cities.

Destroyed Ho Chi Minh Trail completely. Stopped negative and false Media reports.

Howard sai “I supported our involvement at the time and I don’t intend to recant that … I supported the reasons for Australia’s involvement and nothing has altered my view that, at the time, on the. Think about it this way. A forfeit counts as a win for the other team. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Jamieson, Neil.

Just don’t lose In separate pieces, this interpretation of what went wrong was challenged by Daniel Ellsberg and. These might be the questions in your mind. Subject: Re: A Question: Who Won ? However, it was not lost by the American fighting men but by the Politicians and the yellow journalism of the American media.