Trademark classes

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Can I add a class to my trademark? What are the categories of trademark? What is trademark class of goods or services? Fresher could be a trademark for the Medical Products class , and also for the Food and Drink class.

Dove is a well-known shampoo and soap, but Dove is also a popular brand of chocolate.

A trademark owner must choose the class (or classes ) apply to his or her mark. Other articles from nolo. Two classes can be coordinated if many of the goods or services in one class are related to the goods or services in the other class. For background on what related goods and services are and why this matters for your trademark application, see our likelihood of confusion page. See full list on upcounsel.

For each class of goods or services that you register, you must pay a separate registration fee. So if you apply for a trademark for posters and shirts , you must pay two fees. You must indicate the correct class at the time you are registering a trademark.

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There are a lot of them, and it’s not always easy to tell where your product or service fits in. The USPTO trademark classification system divides all goods and services into trademark classes – for goods and for services. This is a summary listing of the estimated 80products and services that have been classified into one of these groups.

Not all are included. Since the system is recognized in numerous countries, this makes applying. When you apply to register a trade mark you must provide a description of the goods or services you intend to use your trade mark on. These goods and services are catergorised into one or more classes. The Trade marks classification search provides a list of goods and services classes that you can choose for your trade mark.

The trademark should be filed in one or more of the classes. Here are the forty-five so-called Nice classes into which trademark applications are classified. There are several categories of trademark and they are classified into several classes. International trademark classes. It is an orderly arrangement of documents according to the type and the description the goods and services.

Goods and services are classified for trademark registration purposes by the Nice Classification. The Class headings of the Nice classification are set out below. It covers a wide array of services.

Since Class is one of the most popular trademark classes , a trademark search is more important than usual since you are more likely to run into conflicting trademarks when filing your trademark application at the U. There are countries that allow one class per application, whilst others allow multiple classes within the same application.

Australia has adopted the Nice Classification (as in Nice, France) which is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The specific goods or services are listed below with the appropriate classification number. For the purpose of registration of trademarks, Nigerian law classifies goods and services into Classes in accordance with the Nice international system of classification , established by the Nice.

Trademark Application pdf form can be found here. Vienna Classification. We’d Love To Hear From You! File in Easy Steps. So if you plan to sell a product with your trademark , you should concentrate on trademark classes 1-34.

India follows the classification popularly known as the Nice Classification. As a brand owner, when you apply to register a mark, you identify one or more relevant classes for the goods or services you’re offering. Classes of Services This is a full term or part word search, so searching for car body will only return containing the full phrase as written. In order to search for each word individually, add the and keywor so car and body will search for goods and services containing both of those words.

Trade mark registration will give you exclusive rights to use your trade mark in connection with the goods or services you choose. If you register your trade mark in a class that does not match your business you may end up without the protection you actually need. Enable Javascript for Better.