Torpid in a sentence

Does the torpid student sleep in class? What does the name torpid mean? My torpid brother rests on the couch all day.

When June is torpid , she will snuggle under her bed covers and watch television until she falls asleep. The torpid student did nothing but sleep in class each day. During the colder months these reptiles remain in a torpid state.

He became torpid , bloated and horrible to look at. Torpid sentence examples. The life of the church seems, indee to have been in a more stagnant and torpid condition in this age than at any other period of English. His feeding frenzy exhauste he was torpid , unable to pay attention to the rat in her maze.

Unsurprisingly, refugees often fell into a torpid dependency, which did not bode well for the future. In front of him the torpid lizards stirred in their cage on the picture. Brain waves, absent when the animal is deeply torpid , return spontaneously.

The precious governor had a torpid mind.

If you are torpid , you are mentally or physically inactive, especially because you are feeling lazy or sleepy. The definition of torpid is having lost motion, slow or unenergetic. An example of a torpid animal is a snail. YourDictionary definition and usage example. More example sentences.

Imagine one of these torpid reptiles trying to hide its awkward shell from a school of minnows: The turtle crouches warily behind a tuft of vegetation. Saturday, she swam a torpid 56. A torpid miniseries about lawyers and their egos is a different matter.

Several torpid days of inactivity follow, to the despair of Dave. In this last Eight there were first. In the course of a few hours, however, the torpid ity wears 2away, and finally the Medus returns to its normal state. Use torpid in a sentence. My example: The dose of NyQuil quickly rendered my mind torpid and useless for finishing the edits.

In the white of his eye there was a torpid and composed abstraction. They are the dullest, slowest, most torpid of mortal creatures. He was torpid , and the look on his face was sullen and vindictive.

The muscles of the face, more than those of any other part of the body, are lazy and torpid.

Translations of the word TORPID from english to italian and examples of the use of TORPID in a sentence with their translations:. The play’s premiere received tepid reviews from the disappointed critics. From Jared’s tepid response, it was obvious he did not like his Christmas gift. It becomes torpid when the fruit or prey it lives on is not in season, and regains its activity when its food is ready.

From Project Gutenberg Imagination in him has been warped and made torpid by a life of dissipation, as well as by his practical tendencies. Recent writers continue to undermine the stereotype of a torpid , unduly worldly establishment. From the Cambridge English Corpus He suggested that the animals lived at or near the entrances to the fissures and that night-time storms could catch the torpid animals unaware.

This torpid civil oversight of an industry so widely fear in one How do you use the word torpid in a sentence ? He had slumped into a state of torpor from which nothing could rouse him. The sick person gradually falls into a torpor. She tried to rouse him from the torpor into which he had sunk.

He fell into a deep torpor.