Tiling swms template

Tiling swms template

Customise the template and contents of this tiling safe work method statement to suit your company, projects and operations. Manage the safe work method statement online, and generate PDF or CSV versions in a single click. Need a complete Safety Management System ? Click Here to see our range of WHS packages.

Use this template to identify and describe specific hazards for high-risk construction work and determine the control measures to be put in place for safe completion of work. This painting safe work method statement is free and editable, and can be used to improve painter and painting safety. A painting safe work method statement is used by companies and projects to standardise how painters approach their normal activities to keep them and other workers safer.

Organisation details Name Flooring Ideas Pty Ltd. Have employees read the safe work method statement , sign and date the sign off form for the task or activity. Submit a copy of the signed safe work method statement , sign off registers completed by employees and any copies of the additional hazards, risks and controls form, and approval and change management form where applicable.

If you are a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), it is integral to be aware of the specific regulations, standards and best practices in your industry in order to abide with prevailing rules and laws an more importantly, ensure your venture’s long term growth and viability. Each tile shall be loaded into trolley and transported to area to be laid. To unload place and lay tiles by hand into position over neatly cement screed on lines set out before the tiling commences. To tap the files firmly with a rubber mallet to neatly level fresh cement.

It must describe the work being. For concrete block walls and concrete walls to be finished with tile , apply a leveling coat of plaster minimum mm thick, sufficient to cover the unevenness of the substrate and to make walls true vertical. Method Statement for Tiling at Walls. It documents the risks and hazards associated with each step of a task and the control measures in place to minimise the risk to personnel, members of the public, environment, and property.

Tiling swms template

SWMS Tiling – Wall and Floor. Describe the activity (task description). As tradies, the majority of our work is hands on but, the paperwork that needs to be done before we even commence work can become daunting at times.

Need more than or what you need isnt here? Approved materials for various types of tiles such as unglazed ceramic tiles, glazed ceramic tiles, Refer to ANNEX – E 2. Material submittal for adhesive for tiles refer to ANNEX- C 3. As it is time for you to improve your health and safety process. Here is a method statement template free download.

A full list of resources can be found over here. It identifies known hazards and risks, and outlines the control measures to be implemented to eliminate or minimise the risk of death, serious injury or illness caused by hazards generated from the laying of wall. HIGH RISK CONSTRUCTION WORK SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT TEMPLATE Note Work must be performed in accordance with this SWMS. It is a way to identify risks associated with a worksite and how best to manage them. We have got all categories covered when it comes to safe work method statements.

From construction to electrical to plumbing and plenty more! Lay out tile work to minimize the use of pieces that are less than half of a tile and provide uniform joint widths unless otherwise indicated ( As per approved shop drawing ). Provide smallest joint permitted for tile size and recommended by the manufacturer for floor tiles. It outlines the common risks and dangers associated with this work and how to best control them. Save over when you buy our Trade Safety Packs! The Trade Safety Packs are a complete compliance package ready to review and use onsite.

Tiling swms template

Just add your company and project details, induct your workers and you are ready to go! This could be a subcontractor or the principal. PCBU must prepare a safe work method statement prior to commencing any high risk construction work.