Senior railcard for overseas visitors

The card costs Euros (free for travelers over 75) and is valid for one year. How Much Can I Save With the Senior Railcard? The Senior railcard costs just £so after just a few trips, the card will have paid for itself (the equivalent of paying £a month, if you buy annually). Alternatively, you can get it for 3-years for just £7 saving you £on the price of three 1-year Railcards.

Where and When Can I Use the Senior Railcard? How to buy a Senior Railcard? Does the UK have Senior Railcard? Can I send a railcard to a non UK address?

Having a Senior Railcard gives you ONE discount on London Transport: if you have an Oystercar getting your Senior Railcard linked to it gives you a discount on any offpeak railway journeys you take on it, and knocks off the daily offpeak capped cost. If overseas visitors intend doing a lot of travel by train it may be cheaper for them to buy a Rover type ticket before they get to the UK. I hope someone could clarify this for me.

As an overseas visitor , I cannot have the Two together railcard sent to my home address. So, I am wondering how to purchase onlineadvance rail tickets with the Two together. Buying online is easy. The named Railcard holder must travel for the entire journey with any passengers who have been bought discounted tickets. A travelling companion also gets the discount too.

With the M-Pass there’s no need to wait in the ticket line, simply scan the barcode and you can enter the train platform. There is a Senior Oyster card but it is strictly limited to London residents. If you’re exploring Britain by train a BritRail pass is the easiest and most cost-effective way to travel. You can also write using the postal address. Forego the stress of sorting out a booking for every leg of your journey, sticking to rigid timetables, and sifting through multiple train companies – for a single fixed price, you can make unlimited train journeys around the whole country, or a region of your choice.

BritRail provides international visitors to the UK with the freedom to keep to a flexible schedule while traveling throughout British rail’s extensive national network. They appear to have a seniors coach card for off if you are over – there does not appear to be any residency requirement, as far as I can see. The senior British Pass (also known as the BritRail senior discount) is your ticket to explore the United Kingdom by train in the most relaxing and comfortable settings. For those years or older, save off the First Class adult fare on the BritRail FlexiPass, the BritRail Consecutive pass, the BritRail England FlexiPass and the BritRail.

Type of offer Ordinary Promotion Nearest stations Details. Buy tickets for ZSL – London Zoo in London from just £16. Where Can I Buy the Two Together Railcard ? Also, many places have a special low price for disabled visitors and often the carer goes free. My wife and I use this to visit the theatre in London, Art Galleries, Cinema, etc. Amtrak: off on most rail fares.

Forgive me for saying so, but overseas visitors sometimes seem brainwashed into thinking that they have to buy a Eurail pass to make a train journey in Europe. Anyone connected to the internet can buy the same cheap point-to-point tickets that we Europeans buy, at the same prices, direct from the same train operator. Youths (ages 16–25) and full-time students (with ISIC card) can get a third off most train tickets by buying a 16–Railcard (£30). Not valid on the Eurostar, nor on some weekday morning commuter trains. Seniors (and older) can get a third off most train tickets by buying a Senior Railcard (also £30).

Senior railcards cost £for year and can be purchased by overseas visitors upon arrival in the UK by visiting ticket office at a staffed UK train station. Purchasing your Senior Coachcard is quick and easy. For every adult or senior buying a full price ticket, one child (age to 15) receives a pass of the same type, and duration, for free. You must enter the child’s details at the bottom of the page in order to get the free pass.

Purchase any adult or senior BritRail pass and we will send you a child BritRail pass of the same type and duration for free. Please note: Once you buy your pass, you must start using it within months. The Britrail GB Pass can be cancelled within hours of purchase. Senior Railcards will likely be of benefit only if you plan to use National Rail trains a fair amount.

Have a look at the two traveller articles about the offers under Top Questions about London for more information. With the Swiss Travel Pass you can travel flexibly and inexpensively in Switzerland by train, bus and boat as a tourist or business passenger. Scotland Rail Passes.