Rental bond loan

Can I borrow money for a rent bond? How to apply for a rental loan? A rental bond loan is a loan that can be used to pay your rental bond to your real estate agent or landlord and help you secure a rental property. A bond loan can help with cash flow during your move, letting you pay monthly instalments instead of one large lump sum.

A Bond Loan is an interest-free and fee-free loan to cover the rental bond when you move into private rental accommodation.

Bond loans are available to eligible people only. Check your eligibility. Bond Loan Plus is an interest-free and fee-free loan to cover the rental bond plus an amount equal to weeks rent for the property you want to rent.

Our rental bond loans range from $ 5to $1000. You can apply for a loan on our website using our online application form. We’ll quickly assess your requirements, and our application system will decide if you’re a proper fit. If you are, one of our expert consultants will call you to confirm the detail and discuss further.

Also complete a Bond Loan additional applicants form (PDF, 101KB) if you have or more applicants.

Submit this with your application. If you want to rent privately in Victoria and need assistance with the bond , you may be able to borrow the money for an interest-free bond loan. RentAssist bond loan. We make an effort to evaluate every application for the loan within 60-minutes, provided they have been lodged during our company hours. There’s only one thing that moves faster when compared to a rental that is great the Australian leasing market – a relationship Loan ! The loan is interest-free and paid back to DCJ Housing.

If you want some fast money to pay for the price of your bond then don’t wait, use now. You’ve got the moving costs, the packing, the utilities, the agents fees, and then they want a large bond on top! That’s where a rental bond loan can help.

Why choose a Champion to provide housing bond assistance? Our quick bond loans can be used to cover the bond , two weeks in advance and even your moving expenses. We can help you wrap up your bond , removalist and connection fees into one affordable payment.

Get real-time rental market facts on any suburb and property type Get more management leads direct to your inbox The smart new way for tenants to pay their bond ! NSW Fair Trading encourages everyone involved in the process of renting to use this service. You may be eligible for the bond loan if you are an Australian citizen, and a resident of NSW. Additional lessors will be identified during the bond lodgement process, but will not have access to view the bond.

Most landlords or agents will ask you to pay a bond when renting a residential property. A bond acts as a security for the performance of the tenant’s obligations under a residential tenancy agreement. Before you take out any loan , it’s essential to consider your options and make sure you choose the best one for you. Here are a few things to bear in mind when comparing rental bond loans : Fees.

Before you apply, you should take a look at all the costs associated with the loan. Then you have the 3-weeks in advance not to mention the moving costs – it all adds up for sure. To satisfy a new landlord to secure a property our rental bond loans are the answer. What is a rental bond loan ? When someone takes out a rental bond loan , this means that they’ve borrowed money to pay their bond.

Typically, this money will be borrowed from an online lender such as QuickCash. Tenants can acquire the needed cash on the condition that they will repay the lender in instalments over an agreed perio generally. The rental bond loan is designed interest-free and fee-free for people who cannot afford to pay rental bond straight away. This loan covers the rental bond amount and has its peak amount at weeks rent. If this loan meets your needs and you’re eligible, it is given interest-free.

As a loan , it must be repaid. Getting a rental bond loan is. The department provides an interest-free loan for the rental bond on the property, up to a maximum value of four weeks rent for the accommodation.

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