Registered office

A registered office is the official address of an incorporated company, association or any other legal entity. Generally it will form part of the public record and is required in most countries where the registered organization or legal entity is incorporated. A registered physical office address is required for incorporated organizations to receive official correspondence and formal notices from government departments, investors, banks, shareholders and the general public. Can I search by the registered office address?

What is the purpose of a registered office? This office will be the central location where the top decisions will be made in regards to the corporation.

It is in this office where the CEO and other executives will maintain their offices. Their direction and policies will come from the corporate office. A corporationwill often have other offices that will report to the corporate office. See full list on upcounsel. They are required to follow the laws of the state they are in that govern corporations, and those laws require the corporation to maintain a registered office as well.

Additionally, this will be the place where any process of service will be served. State law requires that this address be a physical location and must have a registered agent present during normal business hours to be able to receive paperwork on behalf of the company. The principal place of business will be the main location in which the business they conduct is performed. The physical place of business for a company will need to be reported to the U.

Secretary of State office. There are also special rules for those who have taxpayers that work from home must prove that their residence is their primary place of business. To prove this, two criteria must be met. The designated place within the home must be used exclusively for the performance and administration of the business. There must be no other location where operations for the company are substantially performed.

When using your home as the primary place of business, you will be allowed to take certain tax deductions. This can include both rent and mortgage payments as well a certain percentage of the cost of utilities that is dedicated for use of the business section of your home. It functions as a completely independent legal entity from its management and owners including separate taxation and liability.

UpCounsel accepts only the top percent of lawyers to its site. In essence, the Registered Office is the mailbox for the entity. This can be your home address, the address of an accountant or attorney, the address of the business, or a registered agent service. The “Registered Office” Package helps companies who are looking for a Registered Agent.

All companies in the United States must work together with a Registered Agent. This contact person acts as a mediator between the US authorities and your company, also as receipt and delivery authorized representative for official notifications and takes care of e. A Registered Office is the primary physical address for registered entities in Pennsylvania where important legal documents are sent. Basically,any physical address in the state may be used with the exception of PO Boxesand mail drop services are not acceptable, since someone has to be available tosign and accept documents. The agent will also need to be available to receive Serviceof Process on behalf of the business during normal business hours. Service ofprocess refers to the delivery of legal documents, often a summons, subpoena orlawsuit filed against a business entity.

For starters, a Registered Office is required by the Department of State when forming a Pennsylvania LLC, corporation, LLP or LP.

If a business is owned by a single-person,it’s easy to determine who should be notified in the event of a lawsuit or taxnotice. The reason for having one makes sense. However, if a business hasseveral owners, members, partners or business addresses, it could be difficultto determine where time-sensitive documents should go. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships. For starters, the Pennsylvania Department of Statewon’t approve the formation of the entity without one.

Even after starting the business, a Registered Office andregistered office must be continuously maintained. Not having one can result in issues such as: 1. If a process serveris unsuccessful in reaching the company’s Registered Office , the court can proceed with the case. This could result in a judgement being placed against the business without the owners knowing.

Administrative Dissolution – In Pennsylvania, if the business doesn’t have a Registered Office , the Department of State can dissolve the entity. Penalties and Fees– By not maintaining a current Registered Office , penalties and fees can be levied against the entity and in some cases the owners too. Once an entity is no longer in good standing with the state, the owners have. While it can be more convenient and less expensive to useyour own address as the Registered Office , it may be better not to.

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring aCommercial Registered Office Provider (CROP). Privacy –The address of the Registered Office becomes public record and is available foranybody to see. This can be especiallyconcerning if someone is doing business on the side and they don’t want theiremployer knowing about the business. Also, if the business is sue the notice will be delivered to theaddress on file.

This could meanemployees, customers or even neighbors witnessing the event. There is always the remote possibility avindictive litigant or upset customer showing up at your house. Availability– Pennsylvania requires someone to be available at the Registered Office duringnormal business hours. The biggest issuewith availability, especially if a home address is use is if someone isn’tavailable to accept the legal documents.

It cannot be a virtual address. If theBusiness Expands. A company must at all times have a registered office. Basically, any physical address in the state may be used with the exception of PO Boxes and mail drop services are not acceptable, since someone has to be available to sign and accept documents.

It is assumed that any official notice sent to the company’s registered office address has been received by the company. For this reason, a post office box address is not sufficient as the registered office address. All American Corporate Registered Agents. William Penn Highway, Suite 4. Anderson Registered Agents, Inc.

The Registered Office Address is the ongoing compliance of incorporation and business registration in Hong Kong. Every Hong Kong limited company must provide a local postal address (except PO box) for the Companies Registry on company registration and maintain the address after incorporation.