Petition for name change form

STEPS FOR FILING A PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME 1. WHEREFORE, the undersigned applicant further certifies under oath that this name change is not sought for any fraudulent purposes and will not infringe upon the rights of others, and pursuant to § 8. See full list on eforms. People change their name for a variety of reasons. By far the most common reason people change their name (last name) is due to marriage or divorce.

Other reasons include: 1. State Witness Program 4. Family Fallout The process of changing your name is not difficult however it requires a tedious effort to do so. There are many steps, which can be slow at times, that are required to successfully change your name. It’s changing all your documents that is the hard part which includes your identification car social security car birth certificate and credit cards.

The following are the steps to successfully change your name. General information about changing your name after marriage: 1. Age Requirement– years of age 3.

Identification– Valid photo ID 4. Your Current Passport 3. New Passport Photo (colored) 5. Complete Form DS-either Online or in Adobe PDF 2. As it varies by state, changing you name typically costs under a few hundred dollars. It’s after you change your name that the fees add up with things like a new drivers license, social security card and passport. All of which will cost money to replace.

Again, states charge different fees to replace IDs and documents. How long does it take to change your name? At a minimum, it will take about weeks from start to finish. Depending on the state, the process to change your name could take anywhere from months to months. For example, in Florida it’s required that you must have your fingerprints submitted to the Department of Law Enforcement for a criminal records check and you cannot request a petition to change your name until the court receives the.

It’s these types of requirements that can slow down the process to change your name. Can I change your name? This form can also be used to petition for the name change of a minor.

To petition for an adult name change , simply do not fill out any fields that pertain to a minor name change.

Also referred to as the Notice of Hearing Order Form, or simply the Order, the Order of Publication Form must be downloaded and completed. Cover sheets are sometimes used to ensure a civil case moves through the court system without any issues. Ask your local court clerk if any of these forms are necessary an if they are, collect them from the clerk, or download them, and fill them out.

Examples of Cover Sheets: 1. Philadelphia County Civil Cover Sheet. The clerk will ask you to pay all associated filing fees (fees can range anywhere from $1to over $300). Hearings usually won’t be scheduled until forty-five (45) days after you have filed your name change petition t. The judge will sign the Fingerprinting Order and give it back to you so you can start the criminal background check process.

This Notice must be published in two (2) newspapers in your county, or a county contiguous to your county. Papers will charge a fee for the publication of legal notices – perform a newspaper search by county here. To ensure you do not have any outstanding judgments or decrees of recor an official search must be conducted by the Prothonotary Office, the Clerk of Court’s Office and the Recorder of Deeds’ Office in all counties in which you resided for the past five (5) years. File the Decree with the Prothonotary and ask for a certified copy. This will be used to update your name change with various state and federal.

Any minor aged thirteen (13) or older must have their fingerprints taken at their local law enforcement agency. They will take the minor’s fingerprints on a Fingerprint Card (see an example here) an most likely, charge you a small service fee. Skip this step if the minor for whom you are petitioning a name change is under the age of thirteen (13). File these documents with the Prothonotary’s office and pay all associated fees (typically around $100).

Take copies to the Court Administration’s office so your petition can be assigned to a judge. The Order will disclose the hearing date, time, and any other pertinent information. Download and complete the Publication Notice Form and submit it to two (2) newspapers in the county where the minor resides.

If there is only one (1) parent petitioning for the name change of their chil they must get the other parent’s consent. Each county has a different policy regarding the number of days the Notice m. The same goes for if none of the parents are filing the petition. Have the parent(s) fill out the Consent Form and sign it in front of a notary public. The parent(s) must sign the return receipt so you can bring it as proof of. In order for a minor to be approved of a name change, they must be clear of any judgments or decrees of record against them.

Visit the Prothonotary Office and Recorded of Deeds Office in all the counties where the minor resided in the past five (5) years. They will conduct an official name search of the minor an if no judgments exist, they will sign a certification (for a small fee – usually around $10) that you can bring to the hearing. How can I get a copy of my name change petition? How do you apply for a legal name change?

What is a legal document for name change? Where to file petition to change name? This set of forms is for use in name change proceedings.

The forms must be filed in the family division of circuit court. You can also file your petition in Supreme Court where the fee is about $300. General Instructions.

With a court order you can change your legal name on government-issued identification documents such as your driver’s license , passport , and social security card. Aviso: Este programa es en inglés, cuando termine este programa podrá imprimir las instrucciones en español. Name Change Proceedings. This form will be filed along with the petition and other name change documents.

You must answer all questions and check all boxes that apply to you on this petition. Before you complete this petition , you should read the. I am requesting this change of name because: 5. I wish to change my name to:. I hereby certify that the above change of name is not requested for any illegal or fraudulent purposes. WHEREFORE, I respectfully request that the Court pass an Order changing my name from to.

Probate and Family Court Uniform Practice XXXV. You will need to contact the District Court in the. Checklist of required documents. The non-related individual of the person who wants his name changed presents the affidavit. Use to request a change of name for a minor.

This toolkit tells you how to change your name. You can use the forms in this toolkit to ask a court to change your name if: You are at least years old. You file a petition asking for a name change in the Texas county where you live.

If a situation arises for which there is a not a joint form , district court will accept the filing of the approved probate court form with a modified caption.