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The people who commit human trafficking offences are motivated by the continuing exploitation of their victims once they reach their destination country. See full list on afp. The following points may indicate that a person is a victim of human trafficking , slavery or slavery-like practices: 1. Assist the AFP in combating this global problem.

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The extent of human trafficking in Australia is difficult to quantify. Human trafficking in Australia is illegal under Divisions 2and 2of the Criminal Code. Flinders University PhD candidate Alexandra Baxter said many people were yet to grasp the reality of trafficking in Australia, with the community largely viewing it as being perpetrated by men. Over the past years, Payne said Australia had helped train over 10“justice officials” to fight trafficking across the ASEAN member states, including Thailan Myanmar, and the Philippines. As with most crimes, an exact figure for the number of persons trafficked into Australia is impossible to obtain.

There exists a wide discrepancy between officially detected cases and estimates on the number of victims. This discrepancy, in part, reflects high levels of under-reporting, with trafficked persons often fearful of authorities and the possible repercussions for themselves and their families should they be detected. It is not until they arrive at the destination that it becomes clear they were deceived and are being exploited.

Using available official and unofficial information, four major points can be drawn. First, factors such as income disparity, poverty and migration status may contribute to the risk of an individual finding themselves trafficked for various types of exploitation. Secon it is evident that people trafficking exists in a variety of labour sectors in Australia besides the sex industry. Although the majority of detected cases and investigations of trafficking-related crimes involve female victims in the sex industry, the recent focus on individuals working in other labour sectors may lead to the identification of more trafficking victims, which would be reflected in future investigations and prosecutions.

Further, detected cases of trafficking in persons do not conform to stereotypical perceptions of slavery and trafficking involving abduction and confinement—attitudes the online survey confirmed are held by the Australian public. Victims and offenders have largely heterogeneous profil. Organised crime and trafficking in persons. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. Jacqueline Joudo Larsen is a principal research analyst at the Australian Institute of Criminology and manages the Trafficking in Persons Research Program.

Lauren Renshaw is a research analyst working within the Australian Institute of Criminology’s Trafficking in Persons Research Program. Division 2of the Criminal Code criminalises slavery, the condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised. In the case of Australia, people smugglers provide air or sea access.

It is widely recognised that people trafficking has become a well-established and enormously lucrative business throughout the Asia Pacific region. Issues arising from this trade vary between countries, but all are in agreement that serious human rights breaches (such as sexual coercion or forced labour) are often involved. Regional governments have only recently begun to tackle these issues in a concerted way.

It provides an overview of the people trafficking problem in Australia , Australia s responses to date and the likely effectiveness of those measures. It also provides access to a range of relevant electronic resources on the issues.

The terms people trafficking and people smuggling are often used interchangeably. However there are important differences. Such transactions are not usually conducted without the consent of those being smuggled. Trafficking can involve one or more associated crimes such as rape, murder, torture, debt bondage or slavery. Estimates suggest that the profits to be made from the people trafficking trade are huge.

There is also a growing trade in trafficking for body parts. The number of people trafficked into Australia is unknown. The inquiry found that most of the women trafficked into Australia are recruited from South East Asia and China for the sex industry. The women are then sent to brothels around the country where their movements are usually restricted.

Very little is known about the extent of forced labour and servitude trafficking victims in Australia , but the numbers are estimated to be small. Most of the current anti- trafficking measures that have been introduced by regional governments focus on sex trafficking with little reference to forced labour. For a variety of reasons people from developing countries are often forced to seek employment in developed countries where there is a demand for unskilled labour. With very few legal migration avenues available, many become vulnerable to the trafficking in.

Australia s responses to combating people trafficking have been commende particularly with regard to the Government s victim assistance programs and funding support for anti- trafficking efforts throughout the Southeast Asia region. Successful prosecutions often rely on the cooperation of victims who may be traumatised and fearful. Some suggest that more could be done to further improve prosecution practices and the protection of witnesses both in Australia and internationally.

In addition, criticisms of strategies to combat trafficking suggest that governments have adopted a very narrow approach to the problem. The argument is made that unless the systemic issues that perpetuate the cycle of both sex trafficking and forced labour are addresse including entrenched poverty in developing countries and. The crux of the problem andthe solution to people – trafficking in Australia is Human Rights. The current problem is that the focus is too much on criminal prosecutions.

At present the legislation used to combat trafficking is in the Commonwealth Criminal Code, which inherently implies that this is a crime fighting program. A discussion of the human trafficking , slavery and slavery-like practices in international law and its relevance in the Australian context. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne revealed on Tuesday that Australia had joined the United Nations’ Blue Heart Campaign, a global initiative working to raise awareness and curb the “heinous crime” that is human trafficking on a national, regional, and global level. There are other services in Australia that can help.

RESPECT is Australia ’s national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling. Current policy responses to forced marriage have grown out of the national anti- trafficking response in Australia , which place an emphasis on criminal justice. Australia is seen as an attractive target for criminal organisations involved in maritime drug trafficking due to the high price of drugs in Australia , and high demand for drugs in Australia.

People Trafficking in Australia. A kilogram of methamphetamine in Australia is priced at roughly times the price of its cost in China.