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Join an expedition cruise protecting nature, respecting wildlife and local communities. Passport Card The passport card will facilitate entry and expedite document processing at U. It will otherwise carry the rights and privileges of the U. There are two options: a traditional passport book or the newer passport. The cruise line arranged a flight to Ft.

Lauderdale where the cruise would embark.

Mexico cruises that begin and end at the same U. Alaska cruises that begin and end the same U. The general rule is that all adult U. Caribbean and Bermuda cruises that begin and end at the same U. Do you need a passport to book a cruise? Do cruise ship passengers need an U. Navigate to a lane that has the Ready Lane logo, Keep your passport card in han Display the passport card to the RFID card readers, Proceed to a U. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. Thus, your passport card acts as approved identification at border communities —for example, when you travel by land or sea crossings between the U.

A passport book is required for all international travel by air. If you leave on a cruise ship from a U. Choose a passport card if. To use your Common Access Card (CAC) you must have an account. Enter your existing Passport login and Passport password (not your CAC PIN) to associate your CAC with an existing account. Generally speaking, however, for most international cruises you’ll need.

Fly out of the United States to meet a ship at the next available port should they miss the scheduled embarkation in a U. Carnival Cruises Passport Requirements for Cruises Passports are required for all travelers, including citizens of U. Needing to fly to the U. Americans have a valid passport in order to re-enter the United States. Miami, Florida and assists travelers going on a cruise with obtaining an expedited passport , passport renewal, or other passport or visa services. Those traveling by sea on an officially-designated “closed-loop cruise”, meaning that the port of entry is the same port as the port of re-entry upon return to the U. Where you can go: You can only go to and reenter the U. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document, however, it is prudent to obtain a passport before travel in case of an unforeseen emergency that requires a cruise passenger to disembark and return by air.

Validity of Passport Books and Passport Cards. Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Bermuda. Even though Hawaii is a U. We highly recommend that all U.

Citizen’s cruise with their U. Passport book that is valid at least months after your cruise. While you’re not absolutely required to have a government issued photo ID to fly domestically, having one will surely make it easier getting through TSA security. The card is manufactured by L-Identity Solutions.

So, there is a good rationale for any U. Advantages of Passport Cards. Pay by credit or debit card. Visa, MasterCar Diners Club International and American Express cards are accepted.

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