Oakland tenants

Any amount is appreciated. The of the City of Oakland. Find out about meetings, request City services through OAK 31 or contact the Mayor and City Council. When is the eviction in Oakland California?

Oakland tenants

How long does it take to fix a tenant? The Rent Board hears petitions, using a hearing officer, from tenants or landlords, to right claimed wrongs. Under the Ellis Act, renters typically get 1days to move out. If they are older than 6 or disable they can apply to stay for a year.

Previous Versions Oakland City Council Ordinance No. Oakland tenants protest apartment tours during coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic is adding tension to the already combative relationship between some Bay Area tenants and landlords. Zoom press conference. And then on May Day, Friday, May p. Snakes office of Raj Properties at 5Van Buren in Oakland.

Oakland tenants

Tenants rights and protections in the City of Oakland are increasingly under threat and undermined by unscrupulous landlords. Recently, Oakland’s Tenant Protection Ordinance (TPO) was expanded to address the growing need to safeguard renter protections. Oakland now has some of the strongest rent control and eviction control laws in the country. Housing Counselors are available on the 6th Floor in the Housing Resource Center of 2Frank H. Tenants living at one Fruitvale apartment complex are refusing to pay rent. Oakland Tenants Union is an organization of housing activists dedicated to protecting tenant rights and interests.

A landlord cannot “unreasonably” withhold the right to replace a roommate, provided that the remaining tenant makes a written request. Original story, July 17: A new extension of Alameda County’s eviction moratorium makes it illegal for landlords to kick tenants out of their homes for almost any reason until October. This means that you can follow much of the advice in this booklet. However, Section tenants do not have Rent Control in Oakland and cannot use the Rental Adjustment Board (though the housing authority does control your rent).

Other differences are explained below. OTU does this by working directly with tenants in their struggle with landlords, impacting legislation and public policy about housing, community education, and by working with other organizations committed to furthering renters’ rights. Oakland and Alameda County have “eviction moratoriums” that prevent landlords from making tenants leave during the pandemic, even if they don’t pay their rent. Right now in Oaklan those rules are in place until August 3 but the City Council could decide to extend the moratorium for even longer.

A group of Oakland apartment tenants says their landlord has been. State legislation introduced Wednesday aims to reduce the number of empty homes in California and give tenants the right of first refusal to buy foreclosed properties. The bill was inspired by the. The group works directly with tenants in any struggle with landlords.

For information about. If there is a claim for a money judgment on a landlord tenant case the District Court has jurisdiction up to $2000. Oakland has experienced a significant problem with owners of rental property who have tenants committing illegal acts, or tenants who are using the property to further the illegal acts of others.

This illegal activity presents a serious threat to the health, safety and welfare of other citizens. To contact the hotline, call 510. We have volunteers trained in both English and Spanish. Half the residents in the 14-unit complex stopped paying rent four months ago. Francisco Perez says the monthly cost of his one bedroom apartment has doubled to more than $5in just the last years.

Oakland tenants

The Oakland Fair Chance Housing Ordinance , also referred to as the Oakland Ban the Box housing law prohibits Oakland landlords from considering criminal record information and conducting criminal background checks at the initial rental application stage. We have successfully represented thousands of tenants and victims of landlord caused injuries. Our Berkeley and Oakland reporting teams are working together to cover the impact of.

Mosser, a company that owns more than properties in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, is the landlord of the protesting tenants and owner of the Mosser Hotel. All California State and Oakland City tenant law applies to Section units.