Mobile work platform

Mobile Work Platforms. Designed to increase productivity while reducing the risk of back injuries and fatigue, a mobile work platform is able to raise or lower a worker to the optimal working height while offering wheels for easy portability. Larger platform spaces, custom shaped construction, specialized rail configurations and integrated features like tool trays, swing gates and leveling jacks are all available to ensure your new platform is perfectly suited for the job. They add convenience and efficiency with the ability to roll wherever you need them to.

You can even gain more access and get deeper into your inventory with our double entry and dual access work platforms that make it easier to navigate down narrow aisles or congested spaces.

The mobile classification means the equipment can be driven either under its own power or by manual effort. Previously, lifts were classified by product types- boom or scissor. The mobile platforms at Platforms and Ladders are made from durable materials such as aluminium , stainless steel , and painted steel. The foot pads are usually made from high-density polyethylene plastic that can withstand wear and tear. What is working platform?

The G Series adjustable height design provides a safe work platform at the correct height for the job. The self-supporting platform allows operators to work in multiple locations without a ladder. Along with the new terminology for lifts is a new classification system.

MEWPs will now be classified into “groups” and sub-divided into three “types. Scissor lifts are an example of this group. MEWP Type is determined by whether the lift can travel when stowed or elevated and the location of the controls which allow such travel. Type MEWPs can only travel with the platform in a stowed position.

Type MEWPs can travel elevated and is controlled. Group B generally refers to boom lifts. See full list on osha-safety-training. Additional safety design features are now required on all new MEWPs. New safety features include load and tilt sensing, stability test for pneumatic tires, wind force requirements for outdoor use, toe-boards on all platform areas, non-flexible entrance gates, taller platform railings, and sustained involuntary operation controls.

Operators must be familiarized with the MEWPs being used and trained on the new safety features prior to operating. Existing equipment is not required to be retrofitted to meet the new design requirements. Therefore, it is important for all employees to know the differences between the company’s various MEWPs and are properly trained on both as needed.

A Safe Use Plan must be established for each specific MEWP. The plan should include worksite risk assessment to identify hazards, evaluate risk, create control measures, and communicate with all affected employees. Other areas which must be covered include but is not limited to the following: 1. Requirements for documentation of records.

Operation manuals provided by the manufacturer must be stored in a weather-proof compartment on the MEWP.

Employers must ensure operators read and understand the manual or has it explained to them. MEWPs must be registered with the manufacturer to ensure safety-related bulletins are received. Inspections Different inspections must be performed to ensure the safety of all involved with the use of MEWPs. The three inspections are Frequent Inspections, Annual Inspections, and Pre-Start Inspections. A qualified person must perform the frequent and annual inspections while the MEWP operator is the one to perform the pre-start inspections.

A frequent inspection must be performed prior to placing a MEWP into ser. A written rescue plan must be created and incorporated into the company’s training procedures which addresses falls from the platform. Rescue planning is necessary to ensure the safe and timely rescue of workers from heights in the event of a MEWP breakdown, platform entanglement or a fall from the platform. The plan should limit the time anyone on the work platform, known as an occupant, is suspended after an arrested fall.

The rescue plan can include the following: 1. Self-rescue – by person involved 2. Assisted rescue – by others at the work site 3. MEWP-specific training must be provided to operators and their supervisors by a qualified person and must be presented in a both a language and vocabulary the trainee can understand. Operators – Can only operate MEWPs on which they have been traine familiarize and authorized to operate. At least one occupant must be taught how to operate the MEWP controls in case of an emergency where the operator becomes incapacitated. This does not give the occupant the authority to operate the MEWP except in an emergency.

Familiarization includes: 1. Locati of the manufacturer’s operation manuals and confirmation. They are used in packing and assembly stations , HVAC installations , areas where heavy machinery is operated , and other industrial applications. They may have features such as casters for use as mobile work platforms or slip-resistant treads for better footing.

Save up to on Midwest Folding portable stages. The RollaStep line of mobile work platforms and ladders is designed to give users safe and compliant space to work. The systems are built to last, too. Constructed of durable, yet lightweight aluminum, the mobile work platforms offer corrosion-free longevity and noticeable ROI.

Each wheel come with a break, locking the platform into place, for added stability and safety. Work Platform steps vary in width from 24″ to 36″ to allow for space, storage and usage constraints or requirements. Tread Width Open step design prevents debris buildup. Technicians can wonder if their work platform will fail them if they need to carry an excessively heavy tool onto the deck or need a little extra help from fellow technicians to perform a task.

Ballymore Company manufactures safety ladders and lifts. The weight-activated lockstep, mini-scissor lift, navigator, lock-n-stock, and all-directional ladders include patented technology. Shop Over Million Products at Zoro.

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