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Report the theft to the police. If you’re outside Germany , report it to the local police. It facilitates mobility within the EU, excluding the member states Denmark, Ireland and UK. See full list on sachsen. It is issued initially for a maximum of four years.

If the duration of an employment contract is less than four years, an EU Blue Card is issued for the duration of the employment contract plus three months.

German, a recognised foreign or a foreign university or college degree equivalent to a German university or college degree 1. Database of the Central Office for Foreign Education 1. PLEASE NOTE:For certain occupations with particularly high demand an annual salary of at least EUR 39. This applies to occupations of group 2 2and of the International Standard Classification of Occupations. Regulated professions database 1. Approval will be granted if the requirements for being granted an EU Blue Card also apply regarding the new employment relationship. Federal Republic of Germany for any other.

Generally, approval by the labour administration is only required for granting an EU Blue Card if you have not graduated from a German university or college and work in an occupation with particularly high demand with an annual salary of at least EUR 39.

In such cases, approval by the labour administration does not require to check priority of equally-trained German professionals. If documents are complete, approval is deemed granted two weeks after the documents were received by the labour administration (fiction of approval). The responsible municipal or di.

Apart from the usual documents several further documents are necessary: 1. If you have held an EU Blue Card , you will be granted a permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) under facilitated conditions. The permanent residence permit entitles to any kind of occupation. What is the EU blue card for Germany? Can a blue card holder work in Germany?

How long is a Germany Blue Card valid for? A Germany EU Blue Card is a German residence permit title for third country nationals wishing to work in Germany. It enables qualified third-country citizens to immigrate to Germany permanently. EU Blue Card holders are allowed to go back to their home countries or other non-EU states for a maximum of consecutive months without losing the EU Blue Card ownership. You can apply for the permanent residency permit after months of working in the first hosting state, or months if Blanguage level knowledge is achieved.

Anyone interested in more information about the Blue Card and student restrictions should contact the local authorities if they are currently in Germany. There are other provisions. If living outside of Germany a person may make an application for a Blue Card at the nearest German Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. What conditions apply to access to the labour market for persons with permission to reside (Aufenthaltsgestattung) or temporary suspension of deportation status (Duldung)?

After Months one is allowed to take up employment in another blue card issuing country.

So the blue card is a card for citizens from non-EU-states. For members of EU- states generosity is valid concerning their stay. In particular, the stay law was modified. The core regulation of the stay law is addressed by the EU blue card.

The most important paragraph is section 19a of the German Residence Act – EU Blue Card. The blue card grants a stay in the EU to highly qualified non-EU-state members. This should help to combat the shortage of skilled workers.

These rules do not control the immigration of citizens from non EU- states, who are staying in the EU to research projects, who enter the EU because of family unification for migrants living in Germany or who cannot be deported. Owners of the EU blue card will get the same salary as citizens of the EU who do in the same job. The equalisation concerning the rights for education or welfare is not yet a law but shall be practiced that way. The duration of this limit is one to four years. The EU blue card is limited.

The format in the EU is the same in all member states and belongs to the legal or. For more information about the topic immigration to Germany have a look at this site: immigration to germany. So if I lose my job, for whatever reason, I am assuming I cant just stick around in Germany indefinitely and look for another job and use the same Blue Card. I guess I would have to leave the country in a certain number of days (no idea what that number is), though Canadians are allowed to stay here for I believe days, e. Blue Card holders are given a Electronic Residence Permit (BAMF – Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge – The electronic residence permit) with the status as a Blue Card holder noted on the card (and possibly in the chip on the card in electronic form).

Well, you have paid the taxes to the Country, and Germany gives you time to find another job, Officially you have three months of time, for a blue card holder. Please visit the following link from the BundesAmt. If you are resident in Germany and your passport has been stolen or lost , you must follow the following steps: 1. Click here for contact details of police stations across Berlin.

For police stations in other German states, enter Polizeiand your current location into an Internet search. I am in Germany on a Blue card or working visa, can i still get ALGbenefits? Yes, but it lies in the hands of the foreigners’ office. When you lose your job, you have to notify the immigration authorities (section subs. of the German Residence Act) and they make a call on whether or not you qualify.

Old ID cards remain valid until they expire. If you wish, however, you can replace your old card before the date of expiry. ID function of their German National Identity Card at citizen office for free. In case of completing their 16. If the passport expires before that date the new card will be issued upon renewal of the residence permit.

Download a pdf explaining more about the new electronic residence permit. Germany is now issuing the new EU Blue Card to highly skille qualified non-EU citizens. According to German laws, there is no regulation, you have the blue card and the green paper saying that you are holding that card as long as you work with the company XY.

However, If you lose your Blue Card you are able to replace it with a “Replacement White Card” without having to do the White Card course. This assumes of course, that you have at one time or other, completed a proper Blue Card course.