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Second Opinion Read expert perspectives on popular health topics. The name of this glycoprotein is apolipoprotein (a). Researchers are still working to understand lipoprotein (a) and the ways it may affect your health. What is the definition of lipoprotein?

Is lipoprotein a risk factor for heart disease?

It contains LDL and a protein called apolipoprotein (a) (not to be confused with apoA). The exact function of Lp (a) is still an active area of research. The structure of Lp (a) is highly heterogeneous secondary to many different apo (a) isoforms within the population. The physiologic function of this lipoprotein (a) is unknown 13). Lipoprotein (a) particle is pro-atherogenic.

Lp(a) is a lipoprotein rich in cholesterol. It differs from LDL as it contains an additional protein, apolipoprotein (a).

Similar to LDL, a Lp(a) particle also contains one molecule of. See full list on docsopinion. However, the pathways for the clearance of this substance are not clearly understood. Plasma levels of Lp(a) rise shortly after birth and the levels appear to become consistent within a few months.

In adults, plasma levels of Lp(a) vary widely, ranging from 0. A meta-analysis of prospective studies provided evidence of a link between Lp(a) and coronary artery disease. Lp(a) and LDL penetrate the inner layer of the arterial wall and accumulate together at sites for atherosclerotic plaque formation. Studies have indicated that the association between. Evidence suggests that Lp(a) may be more firmly retained in the arterial wall than LDL. Furthermore, Lp(a) transports oxidized phospholipids whose plasma levels are strongly correlated with the severity of coronary artery disease.

Interestingly, these Lp(a) associated oxidized phospholipids possess pro-inflammatory activity. This might be one of the links between. At present, serum Lp(a) concentration does not appear to be significantly altered by realistic dietary changes. Standard dietary intervention such as a low-fat diet has little effect on serum Lp(a) levels.

Currently available data suggests that fat consumption does not raise Lp(a).

While Lp (a) is an independent risk factor for heart disease, there are interventions to consider before taking statins or baby aspirin. Genetic and epidemiological studies have identified lipoprotein as a risk factor for atherosclerosis and related diseases, such as coronary heart disease and stroke. Several epidemiologic studies have assessed the association between circulating Lp(a) levels and cardiovascular diseases. LP Association Forums.

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