Incidental information

Incidental information

How to use incidental in a sentence. English dictionary definition of incidental. Occurring or likely to.

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What does incidentally mean? An incidental use or disclosure that occurs as a result of a failure to apply reasonable safeguards or the minimum necessary standar where require is not permitted under the. Media Inquiries: (970). We also created an interactive map that will help you find the locations of fire information boards in the communities impacted by the North Complex. This resource can be found HERE.

Incidental information

Cause: Unknown Fuels Involved: Chaparral, Brush, Timber understory Size: 28Location: Hwy 1(MM30) N of. Cause: Unknown Location: Hwy 1(MM30) N of Limekiln State Park, miles S of Big Sur Fuels Involved: Chaparral, Brush, Timber. Presently HC and DND manually track set-asides and incidental contract information by requesting regions or bases to send information to the performance objectives coordinators. The measure of incidental information acquisition in Study A was a statement, “Sometimes I come across information even though I am not consciously looking for it,” on a 5-point Likert scale from “false” to “true”. Another word for incidental.

Find more ways to say incidental , along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. A theoretical introduction is followed by an account of three research projects where incidental information acquisition was related to personality traits, approaches to studying, and emotions. Information presented on the departments website is a representation of the existing wildfire situation, based on the information readily available to CAL FIRE.

Incidental information

We make every effort to provide accurate and complete information , however the data is subject to review and change. As used in this clause— “Adequate security” means protective measures that are commensurate with the consequences and probability of loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to, or modification of information. Incident Fact Sheets. For instance, a charity has to refrain from political advocacy, unless such lobbying activity is merely incidental to the charitable purpose. Thus, for example, activities initially incidental to the main of an area of land may grow in scale to a point where they convert the single use to a composite use and produce a material change of use of the whole.

For official incident information , contact the Wildfire Agency in the local area. Hearing people have access to “ incidental information ” all the time. They overhear conversations, they hear comments and remarks on the radio and television.

Even background noises count as incidental information. You don’t even think about it happening because it just does. An incident can be associated with an actual emergency or crisis event, as well as information for Camp Pendleton residents and the public concerning fires, flooding or road closures. The Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC) is the interagency focal point for coordinating the mobilization of resources between the twelve Federal and State Dispatch Centers of the Southwest Area an when necessary, the National Coordination Center in Boise, ID. for Notifications.

Identify the specific location, time and date of the incident. INCIDENT INFORMATION. The study reported in this article focused on “ incidental information acquisition” as a key concept and investigated the information -seeking behavior of 2older adults, aged and over.

These incidents impact on the University’s ability to meet its mission objectives. Time Type Location Location Desc. The process of conjunction, regardless of being automatic or dependent on attentive resources, can occur either as voluntary or involuntary, or incidental. The incidental conjunction can be qualified as a concurrent storage of neutral or irrelevant information to perform cognitive tasks.

In conducting an incident investigation, the team must look beyond the immediate causes of an incident. It is far too easy, and often misleading, to conclude that carelessness or failure to follow a procedure alone was the cause of an incident. The Missouri State Highway Patrol and investigators in St.

Incidental information

Charles County are asking for the public’s help in locating a person accused of beating a 68-year-old man to death in a road rage incident. Tucson cement plant incident. The video was viewed 650times over the ensuing week. Police along with the SWAT Team were at the scene of a domestic dispute in Boca Raton Monday evening.

The domestic incident occurred at the Altis Boca Raton Apartments. NIFC FTP Server Information Welcome to the NIFC FTP Server , an official site for interagency wildland fire incident data and documents.