How to change your name after getting married

First you need to get your marriage license. Mine cost $I think. Then take it to the social security office and get a new card. Go to the DPS and get your name changed on your license.

To be able to change your name follow these steps. After the wedding contact your local SSA(social security administration) office.

Now if you live in a small town you can. When you filled out that marriage license they asked you what name you wanted to use and you should have told them the new name. How do I legally change my name after marriage? Can I change my first name after I get married?

How long after your marriage should you change your last name? Get Your Marriage License and Certified Copies. If you legally change your name because of marriage , divorce, court order or any other reason, you must tell Social Security so you can get a corrected card. You cannot apply for a card online.

There is no charge for a Social Security card.

You don’t need to change your name by deed poll to do this, but you do need to send a copy of your marriage certificate to all relevant authorities, such as the DVLA, and your bank. This service is free. Check if the organisation you are contacting requires the original marriage certificate or will accept a copy.

The only thing you need to change your name right away after you get married is any insurance policies. For my job, we had just days from the date on the marriage certificate to change the name on the policy, otherwise we’d have to wait for the open enrollment perio which only happens once a year. Here’s how to change your name in Canada after marriage.

An Oregon DMV name change is the last step in making sure your major forms of ID are switched over to your married name. One of the most joyful occasions a couple can experience together. Your name is automatically changed to the one listed on your certificate after your wedding. After you get a copy of your marriage certificate, you can apply for identification with your new name , including a Social Security car Massachusetts driver’s license, and U. Head to the DMV for your driver’s license name change. You may be dreading your trip to the DMV to update your driver’s license, but don’t put it off!

When figuring out how to change your name after marriage in Texas, know that you’ll have to visit the DMV within days of your official name change to make things official. The US passport name change rules are the same throughout the country: How you need to proceed will depend on the status of your current passport. List of requirements and fees for getting a passport name change after you are married. Passport Name Change Due to Marriage Information about changing the name in a passport after marriage. The name on your passport must match the one you use when you book your travel.

All Branches are closed on Mondays). Contact your Local office of County Clerk for filing a name change.

After getting through all the important updates, it will be a matter of changing your name as you come across miscellaneous accounts and subscriptions. Related Links: Other things $11. Note: I strongly suggest you do not mail in your original certificate of marriage if applying by mail for a new SS card. Get a certified copy from the court where you obtained your marriage license.

It usually cost between $5. If you are married out of state and wish to submit the name change paperwork before you return, you may send a copy of your marriage certificate and a notarized letter stating your former name and your new married name to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. After you obtain your marriage license from a Virginia Circuit Court and I marry you, I file the paperwork with the respective court.

Florida allows people to change their name on their marriage license application form. While the forms differ by locality, you can generally just fill in your new name and list your former name on the form. In order to change your name on your Social Security car you must show us a document that proves your legal name change.

If the document you provide as evidence of a legal name change does not give us enough information to identify you in our records, you must show us an identity document in your old name (as shown in our records). However, if you do choose to change your name , you will need to notify the Lt.