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A Dedicated Registration Office Of Your Own To Meet Government Regulations. One-Stop Shop Solution With Tailored Service Packages For Businesses Worldwide. The physical number plates are not provided by the government, but are made by garages to the order of the car owner. Application to Transfer or Retain a Vehicle Registration Mark: TD 129: Photocopy is acceptable.

To the extent that an application is unsuccessful, a refund of HKD 4may be made.

In addition to a company registration fee, a business registration fee of HKD 2will be imposed to obtain a one-year business registration certificate. The Pre-Arrival Registration allows you to stay days Per Entry with a Multiple Entry type. You can use this document for 1days after issued or until your Indian passport expires. The registration period lasts until June 6. The banks will ask for the business background of the owner, planned activities of the limited company, and business proof of existing company (overseas company) operated by the same owner.

This number is issued by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) before a work location can be set up. It is important to note that all the numerals of the.

While registration is voluntary, the Hospital Authority requires, or gives preference to, registered medical devices during public hospital tenders. Person-to-person telemarketing calls are not regulated by this framework. Some policies and procedures for Mainland China may differ from those on this website. Concessionary Refund of Business Registration Fee. Waiver Period from 1. We provide information on all types of companies that are in operation or have been cancelled in the Hongkong area.

Hong Kong follows a territorial basis of taxation i. Registering a new company or looking for company secretarial, accounting, taxation , payroll management or visa, we make it easy for you. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will not accept any applications for registration of businesses which have never existed or have yet to. Singapore Banks, Euro Pacific – Puerto Rico, CIM – Swiss, Maubank – Mauritius, Private Pacific Bank, and so on. The MDCO has set up the Medical Device Administrative Control System (MDACS) to facilitate the transition.

International registration deadlines apply to anyone testing outside of the United States and U. Deadlines expire at 11:p. There is no late registration for international testing. Extending the Spirit of “Together We Run Further” to Fight Against COVID-19.

Businesses other than corporation (e.g. sole proprietorship or partnership businesses) must make their applications within one month of business commencement. Learn more about the application procedures for new business registration as well as renewal and cancellation. It should be a physical or virtual address for postal service of important government communication or verification purpose. However, registration is always recommended as it grants presumption of ownership and helps enforce the trademark. Domain Registration.

Whether a native or a local, a. The participating banks will start accepting electronic registration from 7am that day. By continuing to browse our website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies. It is designed for businesses dealing with wholesale and retail.

Our unique SameDay system checks your form information as you enter it, then automatically uploads onto a Companies Registry application, which we submit directly to the appropriate government portal. Tap card at Octopus Service Point. You can visit any Octopus Service Point and tap the card to complete the registration of Octopus card in Octopus App within days or otherwise, such request of registration of Octopus in Octopus App will be cancelled and you will have to enter the Octopus number for registration again in Octopus App.

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