History of electricity essay

What is the history of electricity? Who was the first scientist to use electricity? Is electricity the boon of Science?

When lightning strikes ancient people may not have understood what it was or why it happene but they at the very least witnessed it happen. Electricity has been around for as long as humans have.

Thermal power stations use the power of fossil fuels to provide electricity. Thus thermal stations provide electricity to the major parts of the world. These industries are set up in different parts of a country to provide electricity to all the areas. This generated electricity is then stored for future use.

This electricity is made available through an intricate network of powerhouses, cables and towers. It is made sure that all areas can taste the luxuries of electricity. In nuclear power generation, uranium and thorium are used as fuels to generate power.

It experiences sunlight throughout the major part of the year. India is a tropical country. It is a potential tapper of solar energy. The cost of generating solar energy is high and. See full list on studytoday.

The importance of electricity is not acknowledged by people residing in urban areas. Because they are supplied with a power supply hours a day, 7days a week. But what about the rural people? When we are consistently provided with something, we do not realize it’s value until it’s snatched away from our hands. The electricity which the urban people waste like water is very important for rurality’s.

People in rural areas don’t have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure. Because apparently the condition of small farmers and traders does not matter as much as that of Dhirubai Ambani. Women in rural areas have to walk long distances just to fetch water and firewood. But if provided with the facilities of electricity, it would lessen their labor.

They would be able to pay more attention to their families. Also, with electricity, comes a whole new arena of opportunities.

Think of a house without a light bulb. Only candles emit light there. But ask yourself, is the glow of candles en. Markets in modern cities thrive on electricity. Without electricity, the complete nation will come to a standstill.

From the point of view of trade and commerce, it should be noticed that electricity is the backbone on which the markets survive today. It will become scorching hot when none of our coolers, air conditioners, and fans will work. The manufacturing concerns would be hit hard due to lack of electricity.

This will adversely affect our economy in a negative manner. Hence no output will be produced. The farmers who use electronic equipments in their operations on the farm would be hit hard without the help of electricity. In general, electricity is very essential. Before Gilbert, all that was known about electricity and magnetism was that a lodestone ( magnetite ) possessed magnetic properties and that rubbing amber and jet would attract bits of various.

Edison, Westinghouse, and other inventors and builders of electrical equipment competed to show the wonders of their new inventions. Almost as soon as they moved from the drawing board to operational status, electrical devices and systems were on display, to the delight of admiring crowds throughout the United States, Englan and Europe. Louis and Buffalo found enough in common to form the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Fair met to share common professional experiences.

The group included three from St. Hatzel and Joseph Buehler, master electricians at Thomas A. New York City was founded by John D. General Cable Corporation, of Highland Heights, Ky. Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

We have reached a point of our civilization when electricity is used for all purposes. Greeks because of the electric fish in the Nile River. It runs our daily life. Life without electricity would be impossible to imagine now. We generate electricity using coal or natural gas.

The pioneering work had been done by an international collection of scientists including Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Alessandro Volta of the University of Pavia, Italy, and Michael Faraday of Britain. It has left no sector unblessed. Apart from radio, it has contributed everywhere. We cannot but admit its blessings under the sun. On an average in the US, residential household consumes 19kWh of electricity.

Our future as man will continue to depend on the electricity , even as new discoveries are being made by scientists and researchers. Essay on electricity in urdu Coaticook.