E3 visa to h1b

Going back to Sydney was off the cards. I learned that most things in life do not go to plan and we cannot predict much with certainty. Tying one self to an entity that governs your life is also not an astute life decision. So a Green Card it was.

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We reached out to Peter Roberts at Roberts Immigration Law Group. Peter came highly recommended by a good friend from Y Combinator (YC). Peter is an outstanding immigration lawyer who does work for YC and other startups.

He also recently ( did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Hacker News here. Worth a read if you want more info on immigration to the US. Peter is based on the East Coast but the distance wasnt a barrier.

Throughout this process I never met Peter face to face.

Maybe one day I can personally meet Peter. Our 1st call with Peter left up feeling extremely positive about the process and Peter. That feeling we had was a result of Peter’s experience and his ability to communicate complex processes in a way that made sense. Peter advised us there are Green Card routes I can take but only will allow me to possibly get a Green Card.

I often recommend people start thinking and planning their Green Card as early as possible. Especially if you plan to satisfy the requirements of EB1A – Extraordinary Ability Green Card. Also start blogging to establish your own brand. TIP: You can list your b EBrequirements.

If you plan to obtain your Green Card through PERM (Employer Sponsored Labor Certification) then also start early. Again a blog helps to create that unique persona and separates you from the rest. Remember this is all going to help your employer when you apply. They need to list your position open for few months and then prove to the US gov they failed to find someone like you.

So make yourself unique, special. To kickstart the whole process our immigration lawyer sent us a list of everything they needed to begin the submission process. From documents to photos to a medical exam.

Furthermore, using Dropbox allowed me to digitize and categorized all these important documents into the place. The search in Dropbox also helps when you need to find any document or picture fast. The lawyers submitted all this information listed above to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and provided us with a Green Card application receipt notice in the form of Form I-797C. The notice for this arrives by mail. Your lawyer should also alert you of this so you don’t miss it.

Most time is spent waiting with other immigrants at the USCIS. The actual finger printing process is fast. If you ever came through immigration in the US you would have already been familiar with this process. This means that I-4“Green Card” applications should be approved soon as well.

At this point we were thinking any week now. But little did we know what would come next. USCIS asked us to provide different versions of our birth certificates.

Remember what I said above about providing sufficient birth certificates. We provided abbreviated copies (known as odpis skrocony in Polish) and USCIS wants us to provide complete copies (known as odpis zupelny). This means we needed to apply for them at the nearest Polish consulate or directly at the Civil Registry Office. So we reached out directly to our family in Poland to help us organize it from the actual city council we were born in.

Note we are Australia citizens for most of our life yet where we hatched was a big deal. A month later we had the complete copies of our birth certificates. But this wasn’t the end of that.

We now needed to translate the Polish complete copies and have them notarized. Our Green Cards have arrived! Sorry for the wacky pic but it was the 1st pic I took lol. The whole Green Card process took close to year. And half way through this journey our H1Bs expired.

There are no strings on me. Ultron Visa == Chains A Visa is a chain to an employer. If you are an employee on a Visa you may be getting the short end of the stick.

I will explain this in a future blog post and why it’s pivotal you are off a Visa ASAP. This is one of those things hardly anyone talks about but is an issue that affects you personally. Knowing your rights and options helps.

I-1NIW petition 2. Copying, mailing, tracking, etc. I-4applications Miscellaneous Expenses: 1. Rev Translation Service 1. Ula and for me Total: $1268. Human memory limitations means you will not remember all of the above items. I used GSDfaster which is a productivity app with the GTD method as it’s core. Unlike the H1B visa , spouses of Evisa holders are now able to work in the United States – eliminating a barrier that in practice has stopped many Australians from applying for temporary residence in the US.

E-visa holders will be able to apply for extensions. The application fee for an Evisa is significantly lower than for the H1B visa. What makes an Evisa a better choice over a traditional H1B work visa is the fact that Evisas can be attained easily and also prove to be less costly when compared to their counterparts.

Not only that, but Evisas also allow the spouses of Evisa holders to work in the U. Can I apply for H1B visa in April? How long does it take to get an Evisa? It’s called the E, costs $20 takes 1-weeks to get and they’re always available (unlike the H1B which is really painful, as I’m sure you know).

Here’s a simple infographic that explains the Evisa and shows how much easier it is than an H1B. An H1B visa is a temporary pass for skilled workers to get to the United States. It typically requires that the recipient have at least a bachelor’s degree, and to have a specialized. EVisa Length of stay. Evisas are issued for an initial period of years, and can be renewed in year increments indefinitely.

Comparisons of E, E H1B and Lvisas. The E-program allows employers to temporarily employ foreign workers from Australia in the U. Visa Numbers per year Capped Limited Visa releases for all occupations. First come First serve basis Allocated on lucky draw system. Quota fills quickly Limited time. Additional advantage to fill the skill shortage using this visa.

Those who intend to commence the immigrant visa process should file for Adjustment of Status before the E-needs an extension, or may need to switch to another appropriate visa category, such as the H1B. Application for Employment. Applying for an E-Visa from the United States.

Many people choose to get an E-visa transfer to green card status to make their residence in the U. While the L-visa is often compared with the H-1B visa , there are some instances where you may be able to decide between the L-and the E-visas. The E class of nonimmigrant visas is specifically tailored for the nationals of countries that hold a treaty of trade and commerce with the U. The US Government offers the H1B visa to enable highly skilled International Workers and International Students, from all over the Worl or already in the USA, the opportunity to legally live and work in America.