Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application ( DS-1) Apply For a Nonimmigrant Visa. Completing the DS – 160. Important Notice: Take care to answer. Consular Officers use the information entered on the DS-1to process the visa application an combined with a personal interview, determine an applicant’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa. Each applicant, including children, must have their own DS-1form visa application.

The barcode number on the Form DS-1confirmation page is required in order to book your interview. The Form DS-1mustbe submitted online. Embassy will not accept handwritten or typed applications and you will not be permitted to attend your interview without a Form DS-1confirmation page. Misrepresenting any facts could render you ineligible to enter the United States.

Please double-check that all your are accurate and that every question is answered completely. We are unable to answer any questions or provide guidance on this process. See full list on ustraveldocs. You must submit your DS – 1application online prior to making an appointment for an interview at the U. The Embassy you select at the beginning of the Form DS – 1must be the same Embassy where you schedule your interview appointment. All questions must be answered in English using English-language characters only, except when you are asked to provide your full name in your native alphabet.

You are required to upload a photograph taken within the last six months as a part of the DS – 1process. Detailed guidelines for taking and submitting a quality photograph are on the U. If you stop working on this application for more than minutes, your session will expire. Department of State website here. You will have to start over, unless you have recorded your Application ID Number or have saved your application to a file on your computer.

Write down the Application I. K (fiancé (e)) visas. Any inquiries on completing the DS – 1can be addressed on the following website. You will be asked for information about yourself and your family, as well as details such as your passport number.


Where to fill DS 160? What is DS 1application? DS-1form will collect the necessary information from persons seeking a nonimmigrant visa to the U. Based on the information provided in the DS-1form and that combined with the personal interview, the consular officers will determine an applicant’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa. The DS-1form is easy to use, has interactive help and it does not require the use of intermediaries.

You should have the following documents available while you complete your DS-1: Passport. Travel itinerary, if you have already made travel arrangements. Dates of your last five visits or trips to the United States, if you have previously travelled to the United States. All non-immigrant visa applicants applying for visas at a U. When traveling with family, please make sure to complete a separate DS-1application form for each family member. Embassy or Consulate are required to complete the DS-1online application form.

The DS-1is an online nonimmigrant visa application form that is required for temporary travel to the United States. It is also a requirement for American K fiancé (e) visas. The consular officer at the U. Form DS – 1is needed by Nonimmigrant Visa applicants, as well as applicants who apply for K visas.

It is needed by tourists who want to get into the U. So, if you want to travel to the U. The DS – 1Form is an online-only application for a United States nonimmigrant visa. Among other things, it asks for previous US travel information. Have you ever been in the U. If you answer ‘Yes’, please provide: Date Arrived: Format: DD-MM-YYYY If you are unsure about when you visited the U. The DS 1form is a compulsory requirement that is required by most US Consulates worldwide. By worldwide we mean it includes India. Offering the Klipsch Signature Horn-Loaded performance at an incredible value, the DS-1W features a 6. The DS1Series consists of the DS1Detector (light gray) and the DS1Detector (black) specifically designed for Request-to-exit (REX) applications.


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