Delay in processing australian citizenship application

In Melbourne, citizenship tests and interviews are yet to be resumed because of the city’s resurgence in coronavirus cases. Melbourne-based Amul Jani is among those in the city facing the prospect of their citizenship application being further delayed by the COVID outbreak. In addition, three other people consulted failed the citizenship test – indicating further barriers the test places on humanitarian entrants.

The DIBP has confirmed that there are currently more than 110citizenship applications waiting to be processed. The Department copped some criticism for a huge backlog of citizenship applications that mounted to over 200in April this year with waiting times currently between and months.

This means that any enquiry on the status of an application within months of submission is likely to be met with a curt response advising that the Home Office are still within their published service standard. Yet those that RCOA consulted or surveyed have been waiting on average 2days since lodging their application. Police checks are normally valid for months, so if you obtain one a few months in advance of your citizenship application , it should be in good time. If birth certificates.

Significant periods of inactivity are evident for both complex and non-complex applications accepted by the department for processing. It appears that the backlog is now running at 120unresolved applications. Where available, you should lodge your application online as it helps streamline processing arrangements.

Citizenship Denials and Delays. Processing times include applications lodged online and by paper. Even though the N-4naturalization form is one of the least complicated aspects of immigration, a sizeable of applicants find that they’ve been denied citizenship each year.

If you’ve received a citizenship application denial or a delay , it can be easy to panic. Basel Masri is anxious to become a Canadian citizen but the application process has been delayed due to COVID-19. Submitted by Basel Masri) Masri said much of his anxiety is due to a lack of. Australian citizenship.

Actual processing times may vary due to individual circumstances, which means the Department assesses each application on a case-by-case basis. The entire procedure of attaining citizenship can take a minimum of months and keeps varying from application to application. For Descent and Evidence applications, allow an additional days for printing and postage of your certificate. Persons can apply for one of four types of citizenship by application : descent. If your application has not yet been finalise we will write to you when it reaches the next stage of processing , or if we require any further information or documents.

That means the process could take another year. And the residency questionnaire. The waiting time has been reduced by roughly ten per cent.

With the waiting time now being an average of months compared to months the same time last year.

After filing your citizenship application , the DIBP will aim to process your application within months, but there is always the possibility of a backlog of applications and other delays. Global visa and citizenship processing times will be updated monthly, providing you with an indicative timeframe for processing applications. Once an application is validly made, section of the Migration Act requires it must be considered until it is approve refuse or withdrawn.

But the Minister does have certain powers to either stop or delay this. I have reveled this information in my N-4application. Would this have a bearing on the delay in processing my application ? Is anyone on this forum in a similar situation?

I have found a new job for which we will be moving in June. I was hoping that I would be a citizen by then. Looks like it might go beyond that time. A citizenship application under the general category takes about months to two years. This includes the period from the date of application to the decision and the date of approval to the citizenship ceremony.

The lengthy waiting of dead applications is caused by their freezing to the applications to be enhanced checks. There are only specialists defrost over 160insurance caseload. If your application is finalised and citizenship by descent is acquire our office will print a certificate and mail it to the postal address provided. Postal times may take 3-business days. If your address changes, please update your details through your ImmiAccount.

Your immigration status Your immigration status will stay the same while you wait for your new visa if you make the application in the days before your visa ends. You’ll still have the right to work, access education and receive benefits while you wait for a new visa.