Dcsi screening 100 points id

Only one document from this category is accepted. Birth certificate (not an extract) 2. International passport (current , or expired within the previous two years , but not cancelled) 5. Australian citizenship certificate 4. Other identity document with the same characteristics as a passport e. See full list on screening. Proof of age card (government-issued) 4. Council rates notice 6. Property insurance papers 8. Superannuation statement 10.

Electoral roll registration 12. Motor vehicle registration or insurance documents 13. Professional or trade association cardIf relied upon, the following documents must. Special provisions apply for the following individuals (who may be unable to meet the identity requirements above) 1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents of remote or isolated locations Complete and attach a proof of identity (special provision) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People form (PDF 14 KB) to the application (it provides 1points of ID ) 2. At the end you will be asked for a1point ID Verification check. Clicking the link will bring up this page below.

Documentation required to meet the 1point proof of identity ( ID ) and proof of age. To process your application , the screening unit must be certain of your identity and must make sure you have undergone a 1point identification check , which has been approved by an appropriate person. Category A or from Category A and Category B. This person is responsible for verifying the applicant’s identification using the 1point check. Verifying Officers can have a variety of credentials including Justices of the Peace, public officials, health professionals and permanent Government employees.

Please login to your organisational portalto: 1. Your feedback can help us to provide a better service for you and for others. Tell the department what you think. Certain industries will have staggered entry times to the new scheme, to help them transition smoothly. To process your application, the screening unit must be certain of your identity and must make sure you have undergone a 1point identification check, which has been approved by an appropriate person.

Aims: The Diabetes Complications Severity Index ( DCSI ) converts diagnostic codes and laboratory into a 14-level metric quantifying the long-term effects of diabetes on seven body systems. Adoption of the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) necessitates translation from ICD-9-CM and. A credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only) if you paying for your own screening.

Screening and background checks. H 1POINT IDENTIFICATION CHECK Documents such as those used to open a bank account (Passport, Driver’s License, etc.) are required. There are two ways of doing this check. Do it online yourself using the government’s very clever online checking 2. Mild to moderate CKD (stages 1–3) was allocated point , while severe CKD (stages 5) was allocated points.

In the original DCSI , points were assigned to any CKD diagnosis regardless of stage. To request a check, you will need to prove your identity with at least 1points of ID. The check is then processe and a certificate is provided stating the outcome.

Standard police checks cost about $and can take anywhere from hours to weeks to process. Follow the steps to complete the online application. You will reach a point where you will need your identification verified. To verify your identity you must provide documentation that is equivalent to 1points.

Below are the types of documents that can be used and their point value. You need to choose the most appropriate option based on the identity documents you hold. Selecting your chosen verification method.

The following screen shows you what to expect. VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY.