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About Your Shipping Options. See below how to comply with Customs. Exempted bona fide baggage Subject to the. Long-term non-resident passengers residing in China Customs territory for more than one year who have acquired the long-term residence certificate cannot import or export articles for personal use unless they apply to the competent Customs and obtain the approval of the.

Sending your baggage unaccompanied is a great option for saving money, time and frustration at the other end.

When to consider sending unaccompanied baggage ? BAHAMAS CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT FORM NO. CUNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE DECLARATION 1. Declarations The owner of any unaccompanied baggage must make a correct and complete declaration on this form of the whole of the unaccompanied baggage and the goods contained therein. All passengers travelling from abroad or authorised persons. Present relevant documents to Customs Officer. Unaccompanied Baggage Eligibility.

Pay relevant import duties and taxes.

Application Form (s). Supporting Documents. These may be items that were with you when you left the United States or items that you acquired (received by any means) while outside the United States. Completed required Cform. In general, unaccompanied baggage falls into three categories: U. In some countries you may be asked to provide information regarding your following unaccompanied baggage when you personally arrive at customs.

You may be required to present a copy of your passport or offer a packing list. In some rare cases you may be required to visit the local customs office and present your passport. Ship unattended luggage to save time and energy Our baggage pickup and delivery service is quick and trustworthy. We ensure that the luggage you entrust to us gets where you need it to be.

Consider the time and energy you will save by avoiding lugging your baggage to the airport and waiting in long check-in and security lines. All Arms and Ammunition must be declared to Customs. Provisions regarding unaccompanied baggage.

The government authorizes you a weight limit based on your rank and family status. You are also authorized to ship unaccompanied baggage in conjunction with your orders. When you have unaccompanied baggage , two copies of written declaration forms are required to submit at the time of your entry, one of which will be returned to you with the seal of certification by a Customs officer.

Short Title and commencement 2. Preparing your item for hassle free international customs clearance ARRIVAL. Depending on your circumstances and the nature of the goods you are sending, other local. All goods must be packed appropriately for transport by air. IAG Cargo reserves the right to open and inspect any shipment for security screening and Customs purposes.

Opening unaccompanied baggage in the absence of a Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) or Customs officer is an offence which may lead to seizure of the goods concerned and the imposition of penalties. It should be landed within days prior to the arrival of the passenger or within days after the arrival of the passenger. This includes the container, crates, bags, boxes and any luggage. Air New Zealand Cargo will facilitate this clearance on your behalf.

A charge of NZD $applies for this service. If you are traveling to your destination country by air, boat, train, or car, then at the time of arrival, you should announce your unaccompanied luggage while crossing the border of the destination country. Fill out a customs declaration on board of aircraft, boat, train, or at a customs window. The smuggled gol which came in unaccompanied baggage from Dubai, was concealed between.

A New Zealand Customs Export Clearance is now required for all cargo shipped from New Zealan including unaccompanied baggage. Commercial items, dangerous goods, electrical appliances and food items can’t be sent using our unaccompanied baggage service. Each bag must not weigh more than 32kgs – but there’s no limit on total weight.

All packaging of bags and boxes must be complete before you lodge your baggage. Only one shipment of unaccompanied baggage can be imported per family during a months period. Contact the destination agent for import restrictions.

A passenger who has purchased goods at Sri Lanka Duty Free.