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How to Apply and Visa Fees. Select Proper Visa for China (Mainland only) Visa-free Entry into Mainland China. Visas for Hong Kong and Macao SAR of China. Do you need a visa for China? Visa For China helps Australian tourists and business people secure a visa for the People’s Republic of China the fast and easy way.

Recently, some Australian politicians and media outlets have been fabricating lies on COVID-of one kind or another.

They have played a trick of a thief crying stop thief to blame China for spreading fake information. Individual tourists can apply for single-entry (3-month validity), double-entry (to 6-month validity) or multiple-entry (valid for months, or year) Tourist Visa based on own needs. Xian and Chongqing have extended the current hour visa -free transit to a longer 1hours. You can apply by person at the above.

International students at the University of Sydney have embraced campus life. It depends on the type of visa you are applying for. Through us, you could apply for a China Group eVisa, the process is online, so your current location would not affect your process, Although, please bear in mind that, for the China Group eVisa, all travelers in the group must enter and depart China on the same flight, at the same time, using the same port of entry and.

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Visitor visa (subclass 600) The Visitor visa is designed for people who are not eligible for the eVisitor or Electronic Travel Authority visa. This visa allows you to visit Australia , either for tourism or business purposes, for up to three, six or months. Applicants will have to pay a fee to submit their application.

The consulate section assists both China nationals looking to apply for a visa to enter the Australia as well as foreigners seeking information on entering the China. An investigation into the payments began after the two visa holders from China , who were employed casually, asked for assistance. For other visa subclasses, you can use the Visa Pricing Estimator. Giving us a bit of info now helps move things along more quickly.

View of Baihua Lake in Guiyang, Guizhou. To ensure the application proceeds normally, there are specific. When selecting the purpose of your visit, you should choose Business and Trade. Chinese passport application form 2. Mr Wang is seeking political asylum and remains in an undisclosed location in Sydney on a tourist visa.

One Year Multiply Entry Visa – China Embassy in Sydney. Please post your updates below. Got the following question via e-mail: We are traveling up the karakoram hwy into china.

Applied for a visa , in Sydney Australia. Was refused because i could not provide evidence of our entry.

Step – Go to a China Visa Agency. It has only steps: Insert your personal info. Besides that, pick a processing speed. More information is available on. Further information on required documents is available on the website of the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) by checking the “step by step” guide on each visa page.

Director-General Fiona H. VINA VISAS assists Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Corporate Travellers to obtain Travel Visas, Electronic Visas and essential official document issued by the immigration. With office locations in Sydney and Canberra, we accept document submissions via Postal, Courier or in Person. Passengers traveling through Cairns airport and Sydney airport are not permitted to stay in the transit lounge and must have an Australian transit visa to leave and access overnight accommodation.

Transit Visa vs ETA or eVisitor: Pros and Cons.