Changing your name after marriage checklist australia

All Major Categories Covered. How to change your family name in Australia? What is the change of name after marriage? Do I need a marriage certificate to get married in Australia? How long does it take to change your marriage certificate?

Marriage certificate from Births , Deaths and Marriages. Take your original BDM marriage certificate and current license. You need to do this in person. Can’t remember all of the places you need to notify when you choose to change your name after marriage ? Here’s a handy list that you can tick off as you go!

In fact, I’m so confident in how helpful the After The Wedding Name Change Kit will be to you that I’ll give your money back if the kit doesn’t help you with your name change. I’ve spent years creating and refining this kit, and it now includes input from other brides all over Australia ! This might be due to separation, divorce or personal choice. To update your family name on your documents and accounts, contact the organisations to see what they need.

Changing your name after marriage checklist australia

Social Security Card. This is done as a matter of custom and not of law. Real Estate, Landlord Tenant, Estate Planning, Power of Attorney, Affidavits and More!

The good news is, if you want to use your spouse’s name after getting married in Australia, you do not need to register for a change of name. All you need is an official marriage certificate from the state you were married in and this will be all the proof of identity you need to change all your official documents. This name change kit will help you with any type of name change you like. Before applying to change your name with us , talk to the organisations you want to update your details with about what documents they will accept.

Changing your name after marriage checklist australia

For example, this might include VicRoads, the Australian Passport Office or your bank. If you were married in Australia , you can take the surname of your husban wife, or partner without formally changing your name. Learn more about marriage in NSW.

Our name change checklist below is a simple tool to help you keep track of who you have informed of your name change , and who you still need to inform. Register a change of name. You should provide a copy of your official marriage certificate to the relevant authority (ie Australian Passport Office) as evidence of your new surname.

Changing your name after marriage checklist australia

Our marriage name change kit will have you changing your name after your wedding in a flash! It includes a huge checklist for your name change , instructions for the most common businesses and organisations you will need to contact, forms you will need to use when changing your name after marriage , letter templates and a massive company contact. In most cases, you do not need to apply to change your name if you are changing your name through marriage.

Rules for changing your name. Australia is the website that will help you change your name after marriage , divorce or a legal name change with hundred’s of companies and government agencies in Australia. Forget hours spent finding the right forms, filling in your details again and again. HitchSwitch provides one stop solution for name change service. The court may grant it with or without a hearing, depending on the situation.

Once signe you can get a certified copy of the Decree from the court clerk. Changing your name after marriage, separation or divorce. If you married in Australia, you don’t need to apply for a change of name. Just give the relevant organisations a copy of your Australian marriage certificate. If you get married in Australia, either before or after your foreign wedding, you will be issued with an Australian marriage certificate which can then be used to change your name as per the “Married Name Change Options” above.

Ensure your flights and travel arrangements are booked in the name that appears on your current passport. Apply with Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) the state where you were born. If born overseas apply in the state where you live. Separate application fees payable to BDM. If you choose to change your last name , start the process soon after you’re married.

As your driving license is your major form of identification, request a new license reflecting the changed last name. Revise your name on your identification card and any vehicles registration cards for automobiles or recreational vehicles that you own. Deciding whether or not to change your last name will probably take some time—and there are lots of reasons why you should or shouldn’t make the switch. If you do decide to change your name, try to start the process shortly after you receive your marriage license.

You cannot apply for a card online.