Bail meaning in malayalam

What is the meaning of bail? Malayalam words for bail include ജാമം and ബെയ്ൽ. Bail definition is – a container used to remove water from a boat. How to use bail in a sentence.

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The police will have the power to order an arrest for the defendant for breach of the bail conditions. Non-Bailable Offences. On this page you will get the Bail meaning , definition, and translation in malayalam with similar words.

See more words with the same meaning : to go, leave, exit. Calculating a ton as bales weighing pounds each, the price per bale would range from $2. Top cotton yields this year reached three bales – or about 5pounds – per acre, Latham sai with 40acres planted. One to whom Personal Property is entrusted for a particular purpose by another, the bailor, according to the terms of an express or implied agreement.

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Bailment is a legal relationship in common law, where the owner transfers physical possession of personal property (chattel) for a time, but retains ownership. The owner giving up custody is the bailor and person who takes is bailee. The new approach became especially popular during the European Sovereign Debt crisis.

Parsec definition: a unit of astronomical distance equal to the distance from earth at which stellar. English words for bail ó Dhia ort include hi and good day. A paper bail in a printer having a platen includes two bail levers rotatably mounted on the printer and pressed toward the platen by a spring. Move the bail lever on top of the printer forward to open the paper bail.

The usual way to do this is to post bail. Bail is cash, a bon or property that an arrested person gives to a court to ensure that he or she will appear in court when ordered to do so. Judges are responsible for.

Sreeram Venkitaraman. IAS officer Sriram Venkataraman got bail in accident death case. On filing anticipatory bail , the opposing party is notified about the bail application and the opposition can then contest the bail application in court (public prosecutor can also be used to do this).

Anticipatory bail is a direction to release a person on bail , issued even before the person is arrested. To kiss a girl then never talk to her again. Opposite of a PAZ which is a permanent autonomous zone.

And indeed much of a sensational drama is revolving around him post his exit from the show.

Rights under anticipatory bail Once you have acquired an anticipatory bail , the police cannot arrest you for the time period mentioned in the bail order. But if you fail to abide by the conditions put forward by the court, on basis of which the bail has been grante the court may direct your arrest. Can an anticipatory bail be cancelled?

Justice Suresh Kumar Kait gave relief to JNU student Devangana Kalita on furnishing of a personal bond of Rs 20and a surety of the like amount. Meaning of Lade in Nepali is : लाडे what is meaning of Lade in Nepali language. Sanjays bail was setup at $1.

The court was hearing a plea by one. Bail reform is well meaning , but there are unintended consequences, a prosecutor said. Kerala police narrowly missed a chance today arresting him in the case.

Bailor definition is – a person who delivers personal property to another in trust.