Australian citizenship checklist

Australian citizenship – Documents checklist. List of documents are present in the checklist which would be commonly required while processing the application of the individual applicant. Bank officer with or more years of continuous service 4. Building society officer with or more years of continuous service 5. Chiropractor (licensed or registered) 6. Commissioner for Affidavits 8. Then you can apply for. Second category documents: Good character documents.

Australian citizenship checklist

Third category documents: Other supporting documents. Please complete the most recentversion of Form 118. He has passed away recently and my citizenship exam is scheduled for end of April.

Visa Status requirement. Checklist for former Norwegian citizens who are giving notification to get back their Norwegian citizenship. Individual application forms should be completed for each applicant.

DIBP Auckland – Checklist. AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP BY DESCENT APPLICATION. Applications received using a previous version of the Form 1could lead to delays in processing your application.

Proof of any changes of name, if applicable. Original documents required: A good quality photograph against a plain, light coloured backgroun no more than months old. Your hand-written original signature. Identification documents, stating your birth name, date of birth and your gender. Name change documentation for the parents if current names differ from child’s birth certificate – e. If you are replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport, you will need a Bstatement that explains how, when and where.

Ask Question Archive. A fee of AUD$2is payable. Eligibility checklist. Failing this, your circumstances allow you to meet the special residence.

We make immigration processes simple with our easy-to-use, online system and helpful resources, tools and tips. Document Checklist All applicants must send the following items with their N-4application: 1. A photocopy of both sides of your Permanent Resident Card (formerly known as the Alien Registration Card or “Green Card”). You must meet the following requirements to apply: be a migrant who is a permanent resident.

Australian citizenship checklist

Evidence of any change of nameand evidence of any previous names. What is your nationality. I am a migrant with permanent residence. You must reside in the particular country for a period of time before applying for the citizenship. There are different choices of application.

Application Checklist – CHINA. Citizenship by Descent. Please ensure that you lodge a complete application with all necessary supporting documents. Incomplete applications may be found to be invalid and returned to you.

Australian citizenship checklist

This document checklist is a guide only. The inside of the front cover and signature page of your spouse’s current U.