Australia visa subclass 801

What is a subclass 8visa? This visa lets the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen , Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen live in Australia permanently. You apply for the 8Visa using the ImmiAccount online.

Australia visa subclass 801

We support you in the uploading of documents. You can add your dependent family members at this stage of the application. Wait for the department’s assessment and decision after applying for the 8Visa. The visa 8conditions are as follows. The applicant should continue to remain a spouse or a de-facto partner of an eligible Australian , New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.

This visa allows such de-facto partners and spouses to reside permanently in Australia. Basically, it is meant for couples in which one partner is a resident of Australia , and they would like to have their non-Australian partner be able to immigrate and join them. You may be eligible for this visa if you are the spouse or de-facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

You must be in Australia to apply for this visa. The subclass 8partner visa grants you permanent residency in Australia. It is the second part of the temporary 8partner visa. If this doesn’t happen, you will need to provide more documents to obtain the permanent 8permanent visa. The 8and 8visas are currently applied for together and the Department charges a single fee that covers both applications.

You lodge one application for both the 8and 8subclass visas. Your application is processed in two stages, which takes about two years. If the child does not have a substantive visa when they apply for this visa , and we have cancelled a visa or refused a visa application since they last arrived in Australia , they must show us they have become the dependent child of an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen or holder of an Australian permanent visa. Proving your eligibility is the biggest challenge you face when applying for your Visa 8Permanent visa.

During this perio the applicants can apply for the permanent 8visa if they wish to live in Australia permanently. If you have been in a long-term relationship before you lodge your application, the permanent subclass 8visa may be granted immediately after the temporary subclass 8visa. Being available to both heterosexual and same-sex couples, this two-stage visa is an ideal pathway towards gaining permanent residency provided you are in a married or de facto relationship. Partner visa Australia. The first-stage partner visa ( subclass 820) can only be granted when the applicant is in Australia.

Following the grant of a the first-stage partner visa ( subclass 820), you will be invited to apply for a second-stage partner visa ( subclass 8) around years after the grant of your first-stage partner visa. The Subclass 8visa is a temporary partner visa that allows you to live in Australia. This is a pathway to permanent residency if your partner is happy to sponsor you.

Australia visa subclass 801

Technically this bit should be easy. The provisional Subclass 8visa represents the qualifying period a couple – married or de facto – must pass through before the visa applicant qualifies for the Permanent Visa Subclass 801. The requirements for applying for an Australian visa vary depending on the type of This article covers all types of Australian visa , the application process, requirements,cost, extension, and other details. Family Member visas including Chil Parent, Aged dependant relative, Remaining relative and Carer. Please note that the 8visa is the second part of the subclass 8visa.

In the above situation, your child could apply for a Dependent Child Subclass 4visa ( click here to learn more ). Getting the subclass 8visa or the temporary visa is the first step towards getting the subclass 8visa. There won’t be any additional visa application charges (VAC) for subclass 8or subclass 1application. To apply for the subclass 8or subclass 1application, you won’t have to be any addition VAC or Visa Application Charges.

You can stay in Australia under temporary subclass 8visa while your permanent subclass 8visa is in process. The minimum requirements of the Subclass 8visa are set out below. Gay marriage in Thailand is not a reality as yet however this does not stop your application as a same-sex partner to Australia under the correct visa.