Ata securacode wireless keypad

Ata securacode wireless keypad

This clever weatherproof access device provides greater flexibility for accessing your home, meaning that you no longer need to take the keys when you are out. CODING THE KEYPAD INTO THE OPENER. Press and hold the blue Door Code button on the control. CH- CH4) you wish to use to operate the door or. To open a door or gate using the keypad transmitter simply enter a valid code via the numerical buttons followed by one of the programmed channel buttons.

Up to individual codes can be stored in the keypads memory. Keypad to transmit without the user having to enter a PIN. Simply pressing and holding the ‘0’ button for more than 0. Wireless Safety Beams.

Alternative Power Options. MegaCode Four Channel Receiver. Single Dual Channel Receivers. The wireless Keypad has built-in keypad lighting for use at night or in dark areas.

Ata securacode wireless keypad

The keypad will illuminate upon pressing any button. Can be mounted anywhere near your existing gate or garage door operators. Back light illuminated green colour, so there is no guesswork in the dark.

This ensures that with such odds only your Garage Door Remotes will ever open your gate or door, and that once a code is used it cannot be reused by “code grabbing” devices for unauthorised entry. Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. Automatic gates installed with ATA receivers using PTX-remotes. ATA SecuraCode 4-Channel wireless digital keypad transmitter.

Roll up Garage Door Openers GDO4V GDO4V GDO4V GDO4V GDO-6V GDO-6V GDO-8v GDO-8V2. We have wiring diagrams available upon request for common Australian brand openers ( ATA , Auto Openers, Merlin, BD). However, if your motor is an overseas import we may not have a wiring diagram available. Please see below for a list of all compatible SecuraCode remotes. Wait for the current code to timeout (if one is entered).

Repeat step to confirm. Enter any existing code followed by CH4. MHz Coding – 1Bit Rolling Code Body Type – Keypad Capacity – Codes. It is compatible with MR433A and MR433B.

Ata securacode wireless keypad

A must have for every set of keys in the house. Function Also available in wall mount (EAT1) models and keyring (PTX4) models. Electronic interference from wireless and cordless devices can often jam garage door and gate remotes.

Available in both keyring and wireless wall mount models. ATA KPXSecuracode Keypad. Test operation of the Keypad.

Note: You only need to program the CH button once as all users will have the same access privaleges once a valid code has been entered. RX-Receiver Board Fig. ATA’s advanced code hopping technology is able to generate a new random code from over 4. ATA PTXSecuracode remote. A compact four button key ring transmitter.

Transmitter Frequency: 433.