Appliance test and tag

Test and Tag is the name given to the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances. Once the technician is assured the item is safe to electrically inspect, the item’s insulation, earthing and polarity may be tested to ensure it is electrically safe. Do appliances require a test?

What is a test and tag? We specialise in testing and tagging for a range of appliances. Conveniently Located in Melbourne We test and tag remotely , or you can bring your appliance to us.

We have training venues in every state around Australia and all our courses are taught by experienced industry specialists. Visit our Test and Tag Training website for more information and to book your spot. TESTTAG were the only provider able to provide a consistent service level nationally with a reporting tool that provides appliance status information for our local sites and also through to National Reporting to help us manage our electrical risk.

The tests an appliance is required to undergo will depend on the type of appliance , its electrical Class and subject to a risk assessment by the technician. We have the best range of portable appliance testers, electronic software logging packages and a large range of test tags to suit your application and all accessories. Appliance Test Tag (Australasia) Pty.

We deliver and achieve effective services with great value for money. Our mission is to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to uphold safety standards. Safety is the top priority, and we’ll share the responsibility for workplace safety with you through the provision of appliance testing and tagging procedures.

Tag Number – Test and Tag professionals use tag numbers to help with their own records and to log history. Tag numbers are usually pre-printe but can be hand written as well. As part of our test and tag process, ATS technicians complete both a comprehensive Visual Test and Electrical Test on your appliances before they are deemed safe. Visual Test A visual inspection is conducted by ATS technicians and involves a comprehensive inspection of flexible supply cor plug, appliance and socket.

Business name: Electrical business name: Address: Tester’s name: Equipment. Date of inspection and test. This electrical test and tag register makes updating and maintaining a test and tag register easier and more organised than excel. Electrical testing and tagging is a frequent activity which takes place in workplaces and sites all over the world including construction, demolition and mining – and involves visually inspecting electrical equipment or appliances for any damage, properly testing.

Tagging electrical equipment. A durable tag must be attached after inspecting and testing to clearly show the test date and the next scheduled test and inspection date. A tool showing the inspection and testing tag (blue impact drill with tag off handle).

Excellent in Service As a family-run business, we stare committed to providing outstanding service. It is essential to test and tag all portable and non-portable electrical appliances with a flexible and detachable supply lead in your. Test there is no electrical insulation leakage. Testing and tagging an extension lead is one of the simpler tests to conduct. Complete an earth circuit test.

Print and attach a Tag to the appliance or device stating the company who carried out the testing, barcoded asset number, date of testing, the retest date, the technician who carried out the test and the outcome of the testing. This tag must include the date it was checked and when it is due for retesting plus other information. A colour coded system can be used but in most situations is not mandatory.

The easiest way is to have your Laser Electrician test and tag for you. Our qualified and experienced commercial electricians will determine if the electronic appliances are safe for use. This involves a visual inspection of the appliance looking for defects such as damage to the appliance or missing components, along with electrical testing.

TEST AND TAG COURSES NOW BEING RUN ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Welcome to Casey Test and Tag. This picture shows the Class symbol on a 110V drill. We can see various symbols, but NOT the square box symbol, so we assume the appliance is Class 1.