Your name characters in weathering with you

They visit an old woman who lives in a very traditional Japanese house as they reply to her request. After a while, this young man shows up at the house. Her family runs a shrine, for which she participates in its old traditions as a shrine maiden with her younger sister. See full list on makotoshinkai.

Mitsuha is a beautiful young woman with an average build and height. This is why when she starts switching bodies with Taki Tachibana, she appreciates every small thing in his life and makes the best out of it.

Morishima meets Tachibana while. She also becomes enam. Once they realize they’re from different points in time. What is Anime-Planet? Deuteragonist: Depending on your interpretation.

He’s known for writing theme songs for anime and movies. Makoto Shinkai has said that he’s a fan of his music. Girl protagonist entangled in a supernatural phenomenon.

However, the quick appearance of Taki and Mitsuha in two different frames will be appreciated by Shinkai’s fans. So it shouldn’t be a surprise Shinkai would have his main stars from that film appear in the next. The movie shares many. GG With Ahyan 301views.

Espe 556views. Shinkai’s films require to be enjoyed leaving the rational approach in order to achieve the full engagement. I found the movie your name. This movie blew me away even more, easily.

I felt so emotionally attached to these characters , in such a short time. I marveled at every scene, which were all just as beautifully detailed and alive as in Weathering with You. In Japan, where it was. Weathering ” stumbles a bit in that regar failing to establish Hina as much more than Hodaka’s love interest, and a focus of our admiration and pity.

This manga reveals the backstories and true thoughts of the characters who stole the hearts of fans and critics worldwide. Your Name raised the bar for future anime. Visually it may be even more beguiling than its predecessor. It’s a beautiful, immersive, emotional animated movie.

I should probably get around to reviewing it, huh?

But how does one put into words such love for a film! Now for its characters. You can fight me on that. Mike Pollock and other. Barbara Goodson and other. Lexie Foley and other. Wayne Grayson and other. With Kotaro Daigo, Nana Mori, Shun Oguri, Sei Hiraizumi.

A high-school boy who has run away to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to be able to manipulate the weather. Still, this information definitely makes you understand them well and their decisions. And it’s just a reflection of what they’re doing at the time of Weathering With You.