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As lawyers whose primary practice area is employment law , we have the benefits of understanding the legal aspects at play with a workplace investigation , allows us to ensure that the investigation complies with legal requirements and gives you the peace of mind of working with experience professional counsel.

Discrimination and retaliation in the workplace is far too prevalent, and often the result of bullies who believe they have the upper hand. Our team of experienced employment lawyers has represented thousands of employees in cases involving unfair labor practices and have been successful in fighting for employee rights in St. Petersburg and throughout the State of Florida. What is conducting workplace investigations? Does a workplace investigation have to abide by the same rules of a police investigation?

How do you conduct an effective investigation? Do and Don ts of workplace investigations?

Employers and other law firms trust Savine Employment Law , Ltd. Labor Laws litigation handled by an Employment Lawyer encompasses a variety of case types. These disputes may involve an employer or an employee. The need may arise at the start of employment, such as at the contract stage involving terms, conditions, confidentiality and non-compete matters. Contact us if you face a workplace complaint or require assistance with conducting workplace investigations.

MEET THE ILG TEAM One of the things that sets ILG apart is our team. We have experience and expertise that is unparalleled in the Intermountain West. As experienced employment lawyers , our professional fact-finders are trained to see the bigger picture as well as the finer detail in every workplace matter. The IBM case should serve as a wake-up call to HR managers across the United States,” says Lorene Schaefer, an employment lawyer and workplace investigator in Atlanta. In today’s worl being.

But that more relaxed standard still leaves plenty of room for mistakes. Fortunately for employers, there is some guidance on what to do when a complaint is made. Investigation Don’ts.

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Shaw Law Group’s attorney-investigators are ready to conduct even the most sensitive workplace investigations. Our investigators analyze the situation and prepare a report of their findings. AWI is a professional membership association for those who conduct and manage workplace investigations. As employment attorneys, we bring legal knowledge, interviewing skills, legal analysis, and comprehensive report findings to our investigations.

Moreover, employers will have confidence that the credibility of the findings are free from accusations of bias that internal investigations sometimes experience. All of our employment law attorneys are well-trained in directing and conducting independent attorney-client privileged investigations. We would be happy to discuss with you further conducting legally-compliant workplace investigations that protect your Company. The New Jersey Employment Lawyers at Smith Eibeler, LLC conduct workplace complaint investigations on behalf of employers throughout the State of New Jersey. In order to shield itself from liability for claims of hostile work environment under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, New Jersey employers must maintain an effective policy against unlawful harassment and discrimination at the workplace.

Dutton Employment Law is full service employment law group, within Monkhouse Law, in Toronto, Ontario with experience in workplace investigations and workplace training. Our Employment Law Team understands the need for these types of complaints to be investigated urgently and expertly to avoid them escalating out of control. To that en we make ourselves available to conduct the investigation as soon as possible.

To assist commencing the investigation urgently we will have you forward to us any relevant documentation for us to review such as: your harassment and bullying policy and procedures, code of conduct. When an investigation requires strict confidentiality, an attorney or a consultant with experience conducting workplace investigations may be called in. Just like external investigations conducted by police agencies, internal investigations generally involve interviewing witnesses and preparing documentation. Decide whether to investigate.

Using an attorney to conduct a workplace investigation is advantageous because he or she should be thoroughly familiar with federal and state anti-discrimination laws. Click for Trial Lawyer Dan Tripathi.