Will the gas company move my meter

Contact your supplier and tell them you want to have your meter moved. This depends on: where your meter is now how far you want to move it the type of connector if it’s a gas meter why you want to move it They might not be able to do the work if your. If your gas meter is internal then we may be able to move your gas meter within metre on the same facing wall depending on the current meter location and pipe restrictions.

We can only move the meter within the allowance of the flexible pipe and there can be no obstructions from the current position to new position, i. Can I move my gas meter? How much does it cost to move a gas meter?

Do you need to get your electric meter moving? With Compare the Market’s simple comparison service , we make it easy for you to compare energy plans from energy suppliers in the UK – and not just the ‘Big Six’ either. Start or transfer your gas service today, then try mover services provided by Allconnect, a complimentary new service offered by SoCalGas to help residential customers within our service territory who are moving.

Step 1: Start Your Natural Gas Service. To start new natural gas service, click here. The cost of moving a gas and electric meter will vary.

Moving a gas and electric meter will cost between £4– £0depending on the complexity of the move. From the preparation stage to the labour work, moving your gas and electric meters will take anywhere from 4-weeks.

About Advanced Meter Get information on the Advanced Meter technology and features. If you mean the gas line bringing gas to the meter, then the gas company will have to move the line for you, and they will be the ones to quote you a price. You should contact your gas supplier eg. They are equipped to carry out the moving of your gas meter. This is a job for the supplier of your gas and not just any contractor and must be carried out by qualified personnel for the.

Have you talked to the gas company about this? It may be that if you tell them about your plans, they will alter their plans. The gas company may not know that you own your place.

We are remodeling a kitchen and would like to install a window over the sink but the outside electric meter and disconnect box happen to be right in the way. Just curious what an average cost would be to relocate the meter and disconnect box approximately 6-feet away from the new window opening. Hi, I have recently been quoted £6by SGN to move my meter from underneath the kitchen sink to outside. In the event of an emergency, outside natural gas meter location provides emergency responders easier access to the natural gas valve that serves as the main shut-off to the natural gas feed into the home Q. Will my yard or the road near my house be affected by moving my meter outside?

The areas affected by our construction. Generally speaking gas meters are the property of the utility company. Meter Moves are the industry leading experts in providing bespoke gas and electricity meter moves and new meter installations.

We fully understand the importance of getting your project sorte stress free and efficiently. Here at Meter Moves we work closely with our clients to plan and deliver specific metering solutions.

How do you go about trying to get your gas and electical meters moved to an outside wall. Moving electicity meter from stud wall to external wall. I am doing some work on my house and planning to knock through a wall in kitchen.

Unfortunately the electricity metre is on the wall that needs to be chocked down. It needs to be moved to the opposite wall about a meter. With the gas meter once the knock through happens it will be in the middle of the room, so need to move it about 1. We can alter your gas supply pipe and move your meter but this may result in the wireless connectivity of the meter being lost.

If this happens your supplier may need to visit to re-establish the connectivity and this might cost you money. If you already have a gas main into your property and they want to relocate it, they pay.