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This applies to both paid and volunteer workers. You might need the Check. We take a detailed look at the criminal history and relevant professional conduct findings of applicants to ensure we’re assisting to protect children from sexual or physical harm. We’ve created a list of job categories that need a Check for you to use to work out if you need a Check. Do you need a check for child related work?

What is a working with children check? Who needs a WWC check? The kinds of paid or voluntary work that may require a WWCC include: 1. For a complete list of the types of jobs that req. See full list on legalaid. The following people are not required to undergo a WWCC: 1. A person who engages in kinship care work must hold a WWCC) 4. A passport photo is required for your application and this will be taken at the post office free of charge.

If you are applying for an employee WWCC you will need to pay an application fee. The WWCC screens people in relation to their criminal history so that those who have been charged with or convicted of certain offences are not granted an assessment notice which then allows them to work directly with children. Not all prior offences, charges or allegations will result in a negative assessment. Offences are categorised according to how serious the potential risk is believed to be. The offences that are most relevant to the check are serious sexual, violent or drug offences and.

If anything changes while you are waiting for the check to be finishe you will need to let the department know. Once you have been granted an assessment notice you are also under a continuing obligation to notify the department about changes in your circumstances. If you pass the check, the department will issue an ‘assessment notice’ and you will be sent a card in the mail. The check lasts for years.

If you fail the check, the department will issue you with a ‘negative notice ’. This means that you are prevented from doing any child-related work for a period of five years , unless your circumstances change. Where the department believes that you pose an unjustifiable risk to children , it will notify you that it intends to issue an ‘interim negative notice’. This gives you the opportunity to write to the department and ask them to consider the reasons why you think that you should pass the WW. Before you begin, it’s important to know that your application must be true and correct, so make sure that all dates, names and details are accurate on your.

The Act is one of the key pieces of legislation governing how we protect and promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in Victoria. A WWC Check is required by a person if they engage in certain paid or unpaid work with children, described as ‘child-related work’ under the WWC Act. WWCCs are carried out by the Department of Justice and Community Safety (the department). Currently, child-related work involves contact with a child that is unsupervise direct and a part of the person’s duties in a particular occupational category (listed in the legislation).

A range of different laws may apply, depending on your situation. In other types of work , there is a minimum age of years for employment in industries other than entertainment. There is no minimum age for children working in a family business.

Despite popular opinion, years and months is not the minimum age of employment – to be employed without a permit, a child must be years. Find work or employees if you’ve been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) – Working for Victoria. We’re helping Victorian jobseekers find work and employers find workers.

Working with Children Check Victoria (External link) can help you or give you more information. This includes people who have lost their jobs, or businesses who need more workers due to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). It is necessary for any job where you are in direct, unsupervised contact with children while doing your job.