Which countries are eligible for visa on arrival in india

Which countries have visa on arrival? Citizens of the following countries can apply for a visa on arrival (VOA) in Delhi(NCT ), Mumbai , Kolkata , Chennai , Bengaluru or Hyderabad. What is the visa policy of India? Initially, it was started for a maximum of five countries whose citizens were eligible to apply for the visa online if they are willing to visit India. Rest of the countries had to apply for the traditional visa.

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Visitors having a Persons of Indian Origin Card are exempted from having a visa to enter India , provided they are not citizens of the following nations: 1. India has plans to grant visa on arrival to 1countries. As of now, India grants visa on arrival to the citizens of the following nations, provided they are not of Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin: 1. Only two visits on a Tourist Visa-on-Arrival is permissible in a calendar year. Visa on arrival is granted for a period of days 2. There must be a gap of at least two months between each visit.

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New Visa Rules for Indian Passport Holders 6. This question was originally asked from ! The Smart Indian Pas. United States however the main information needed is missing — what is your citizenship? Indian on arrival visa is available for the passport holders from 1countries and. Applicants of the eligible countries may apply online minimum days in advance of the date. At present, India extends visa-on-arrival facility to countries including New Zealand , Japan and Vietnam.

Tourists from other countries still need to get a visa before arriving in India till the plan is taken effect. For the nationals of all other countries eligible for e- Visa , the e- visa application have to be filled online and the applicant must wait till the confirmation. Citizens of over 1countries listed below are eligible for the Online Visa India (the eVisa). There Are A Certain Number Of Countries Eligible For India Visa. People From Different Countries Need A India Visa In Order To Enter India.

Eligible Country for Indian e- Visa , Indian Government launched e- Visa scheme for the nationals of more than 1Countries , to visit India by using new e- Visa services from applying online through their own Countries. All visitors except visa exempt countries are legally required to hold a valid Visa to travel to India. A visa on arrival from India which is valid for weeks is all that you will need to discover its world-famous reef diving sites. More will be added to bring the total to 1countries. If you intend to visit India for less than days , you should certainly look into getting an E-Tourist Visa.

Saudi Arabia intends to extend the e- visa scheme to other countries in due course.

If you plan to visit Vietnam for holiday or business trip , you should certainly look into applying for a visa on arrival. Indian citizens holding a normal passport and either. Citizens from over 1countries traveling to India for periods under days can now apply for an Indian e- Visa before arriving.

Again, like we have mentioned before, few countries like the UAE, issue entry permits to their visitors in lieu of visas. Below is a list of other countries that offer e- Visa and entry permits to Indians: Malaysia (eNTRI Note) Sri Lanka. Who can take advantage of the visa on arrival ? When we got offered to attend the Holi Festival in March we quickly applied online for our Indian visa on arrival , as the festival was less than weeks away.

You must have a valid address in Thailand whether a hotel or apartment that can be verified.