Where to get incoming passenger card australia

An IPC is a white and orange card which contains a series of questions which passengers must complete to be able to enter Australia. See full list on australiaonlinevisa. There are sides to IPCs and passengers must ensure that all the sections have been completed. Leaving questions unanswered can cause unnecessary delays and hold-ups at the border.

The form must be completed in English as there are no alternative versions in other languages. People who struggle to understand certain parts of the form can ask the staff on the plane for assistance.

Passengers must complete both sides of the form fully and accurately. The IPC can also be completed on behalf of another traveler. This is normally the case for parents and guardians of children, and for carers of passengers with special needs. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection said it plans to replace IPCs and create a seamless, automated travel experience. The government can already obtain passenger information from other sources, such as the Advance Passenger Information System, which means they no longer rely on the IPCs as much as in past decades.

You will need to complete and show us your Incoming Passenger Card. You may carry an unlimited amount of cash into Australia but if you are carrying AUD10or more you must declare it. Your bags will also be checked for prohibited or restricted items.

It serves as arrival card and customs declaration card , it has all of the details in one card. Below is the step by step guide to fill the same and sample as well. Unless something has gone wrong, you will be given your incoming passenger card on the flight.

If you really want one before you get to the airport, just go into any travel agent or airline office in the city. They will probably have one to give you. They are not interested in your personal meds. I travel to australia three times a year and am on prescription medication.

I declared it once and they told me not to bother in future. Check the Yes box where it asks about convictions and provide details of the offence, the. I put on my incoming passenger card that I was coming to New Zealand to live permanently. I also gave my occupation as retired (ie unemployed but years old). I was welcomed by the immigration officer, no financial questions, and a week later, after an interview, granted a NZ age pension and gold card.

I have since become a NZ citizen. Do you intend to live in Australia for the next months? With all of the stress and rushing involved in travelling through airports, filling in outgoing and incoming passenger cards can be an added irritation. Travellers flying to and from Australia will be glad to know that its Department of Immigration and Border Protection is planning to phase out these cards and make the process seamlessly. This is when passenger arrivals became an Australian Government responsibility.

You have to fill it in and then present it later on at the passport control.

Also, it’s not just the obvious bits of the card that you need to consider – like the reason you’re travelling. All travellers must comply with the requirements before entering Australia , this is regulated by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture. You must declare certain foo plant material and animal products on your Incoming Passenger Card (IPC). Everyone, who travels to Australia , need to fill out a form called ‘ incoming passenger card ’. It has information regarding your stay, declaration of what you are bringing into Australia and if you are permanently migrating to Australia.

It served as a visa application form for those applying for Special Category Visas and permanent residents of Norfolk Island. The incoming passenger card was used to create a record of individuals entering Australia. It was also a declaration of health and character requirements for non-Australians.