What if spouse visa is rejected

Can a Spouse Visa be refused? Can I get a spouse visa for my spouse? What happens if i denied a visa?

Apart from providing sufficient documentation, there are various other factors to consider that can play a vital role in getting your spouse or dependent visa granted. In this article, the experts of West Highlander are going to put light on the top reasons for refusal of dependent visa.

You probably have some idea of why the case was denied. But the possibility also exists that the immigration authorities made a mistake. See full list on alllaw. In many other cases, however, the best bet course of action is to figure out what went wrong the first time and then reapply, making sure to correct the earlier problems. However, your attorney may be able to request that the case be reopene especially if you can supply new information that is likely to change the earlier decision.

If your spouse applied for a green card at an office of U. In that case, after the denial, he or she may be placed into removal (deportation) proceedings. There, you will need to present the entire application to an immigration judge, as well as testify and ( if you like) call witnesses.

Hopefully you will persuade the judge to grant the green card after all. For more on what happens in immigration court, see Overview of The Removal (Deportation) Hearings Process. An experienced immigration lawyer can assist you with filling out the requisite paperwork for your spouse and advocate on his or her behalf. We are not associated with any government agency. Our services include everything you need to get your visa or green car but do not include legal services, legal advice or legal representation.

A spouse Visa refused by the Home Office cannot be put under an Administrative Visa Review,instea your only option is the appeal process. For a rejected Spouse Visa you may be able to get hearing if the refusal of your Spouse Visa threatens your right to a private life covered in the Human Rights Act. Contact me and we all should reach UK press and tell the the truth. We should not give up. If they find any information which may contradict your evidence, or if any statements or evidence cast any doubt over the validity of your relationship, you will be refused your visa.

UK spouse visa refusal reapplying. If your husband has a citizenship, you can apply for a D-Join Spouse Visa. On what grounds do you think you can reapply?

Your wife will be under when you apply if you apply before your visa expires so you will be rejected immediately with no grounds for appeal. Go home, apply from there and do it properly. This is a permanent ineligibility, so every time you apply for a visa, you will be found ineligible for this reason.

After all, it is the decision about your lives and having your spouse visa in Warrnambool rejected affects your conjugal life.

Hvisa refusal does not mean the end of your immigration attempts, however. Prove that you haven’t broken the conditions of your visa or the law and reapply for your visa with a stronger application. Eliminate the problems in your previous attempts and rejoin your family in the U. Re: Spouse visa – could it be rejected ? After receiving a notice of intent to deny the CRspouse visa, you have one year to respond.

At the end of the year, your application will close and you must start over again. This is why it’s really important to respond to the denial as quickly as possible. There is no way to appeal from the denial or the closure of your case. However, there are ways to have the immigration office believe in you that your circumstances have changed.

Many immigrant visas are rejected (or at least delayed) for failure to provide it. Form I-8is a complex form. Petitioners are strongly encouraged to seek professional assistance, e. That is why the article will focus on presenting the common known reasons for such refusal.

They are: Immigrant visa for a Spouse of a U. United States to live.