What does the phrase the latter mean

For instance, someone could ask do you want ice-cream or cake after dinner? If you wanted cake, you could reply I think I would like the latter. In order to use that phrase, you must introduce two things.

After you introduce the two things, you can call them the first and secon or the former and the latter. Definition of latter. How to use the latter in a sentence.

English dictionary definition of latter. Being the second of two persons or things mentioned: Regarding captain and major, the latter rank is higher. One can also refer to a person’s “latter years,” i. In addition to meaning “being the second mentioned of two,” latter can also refer to something that is “more advanced in time” and “near or comparatively near the end. Sounds like the chosen subject was out of two choices.

It’s also important to remember to use both of these words only in a sequence of two items. The second is chosen. If the list has three or more items, these words won’t make sense.

Finally, latter may also mean the most recent.

Unlike former, the word latter can reference time or events that occur in the future. As you indicate former and latter are understood as referring to items. When you have more than items, it will be less confusing to avoid using former and latter.

If you have or more items, the last one is simply the last. Before that are the next to last or penultimate, etc. We also see that the “latter rain” (the end-times outpouring) would be greater than the “former rain.

Its use to mean ‘the last-mentioned of three or more’ is common, but is considered incorrect by some because latter means ‘later’ rather than ‘latest. Last or last-mentioned is preferred where three or more things are involved. A term used to refer to the last item in a given list, usually of two items. This indicates that Company B was my favorite company to work for.

For example, Aveline went steady with the quarterback her junior year and the punter her senior year, and she married the latter athlete. Like former, latter is also an absolute adjective, and it can function as a noun in sentences. Examples: There are two color options, red and black: the latter is enduringly popular. It is basically saying that should if a school counselor is doing the report instead of the head of school or principal, a teacher may stand in and do the report themselves.

When two people, things, or groups have just been mentione you can refer to the second of them as the latter. He tracked down his cousin and uncle. An example of latter is 11:PM when the party started at 7:PM. An example of latter is the second act in a play.

It also can refer to a later time, near the end.

If someone is in the latter stages of a disease, the disease has just about run its course and the person is about to die. Later is also the comparative form of the adjective late. Latter is also an adjective.

Another word for latter. Find more ways to say latter , along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. For example, in the marriage of Bob and Sue, the former is the husban and the latter is the wife.

Former being Bob, and latter being Sue.